Volume pacing practice…



* Just 1 set

:45 Hollow Hold

:15 Rest

:45 Supermans (Reps)

:15 Rest

:45 Underhand Ring Row Hold



20/30 Ring Muscle Ups

35/50 STRICT Handstand Push Ups

50/70 Toes 2 Bar

(30:00 cutoff)

** The catch… Sets to complete the volume at each movement must be identical the entire way through each movement..

Ex. If you start with 3 muscle ups you must do 3 each time until you reach 30, if you do 5 hspu you must do 5 until you reach 50, if you do 7 T2B you must do 7s until you reach 70…


Complete the hardest, but most reasonable and safest workout you can do and complete a significant amount of volume at each movement…


We will have lots of scaling options in class to help tailor this one for you!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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