Back to some aerobic work with mixed elements…


Overscale this one so you can overperform rather than underscale and underperform…



1:00 of Hollow Holding (Unbroken)

1:00 of Supermans (Reps)

1:00 of Banded Pull Aparts with small red band

* Just 1 set



Every 10:00 on the clock for 3 rounds (30:00 total) perform:

40 Box Jumps (Step Ups)(20/24″)

20/30 CTB Pull Ups (Chin, Jump or Rows)

20 Power Cleans (95/135#)(60%)

* The goal is to finish each round in a time frame no worse than 5% from slowest to fastest so make sure to not take things out too hot on round 1…

Ex. 7:00 Rd 1 (Stay within 20-25 secs of that time for the next two)

* Scale reps to 35/25/15 or 30/20/10 so you get 1-2:00 of break before the next 10:00 period starts…

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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