Gymnastics pacing and some KB fun!



15 HSPU (Pick a set number you can complete consistently through the whole workout without dropping down further)
12 KB Snatches (6ea)(44-53/53-70#)
90m Run (Grey Pole)
15 HSPU (Same break up)
12 KB Swings (44-53/53-70#)
90m Run
15 HSPU (Again, same break up)
12 KB Sumo DL High Pulls (44-53/53-70#)
90m Run
* 18:00 AMRAP

Pick a HSPU scale that challenges you, but doesn’t make you hit an significant wall on top of picking a set number you can maintain throughout…



Reverse Flys x 8 reps
Band Hamsting Curls (Laying face down) x10 each (Long Orange or Red)
Band External Rotation x10 (Long Red or Orange Band)
* 3 sets

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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