Climbs and DBs!



1 Rope Climb (Scale to adjustments or seated)
5 Burpee DB Deadlifts (30-35’s/45-50’s)
1 Rope Climb
10 DB HANG Cleans (30-35/45-50’s)
1 Rope Climbs
25′ DB Walking Lunges (30-35’s/45-50’s)
* 20 minute AMRAP

This one will become a grip heavy workout quick so find times to give your hands a quick break along the way… i.e. doing 5 and 5 on cleans, burpeeing with your hands off the DB handles on the Burpee DLs, etc…

Be VERY aware of the your hip/back position on the DB Deadlifts and even take the deadlifts out if you’re struggling to get completely set on these…



10 Palms Down Barbell Curls

1:00 Chest/Lat Rolling (Each Side)

10 Double Leg Seated Calf Raises (Stack DBs on Knees)

1:00 Double Band Lat Stretch

* 2 sets

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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