Hero WOD gymnastics and barbell pacing workout tomorrow…



1 Power Clean (123/185#)(70% 1RM or so)
10 STRICT Deficit HSPUs (2/4″)
2 Power Cleans
9 STRICT Deficit HSPUs (2/4″)
3 Power Cleans
8 STRICT Deficit HSPUs (2/4″)
4 Power Cleans
7 STRICT Deficit HSPUs (2/4″)
5 Power Cleans
6 STRICT Deficit HSPUs (2/4″)
6 Power Cleans
5 STRICT DHSPUs (2/4″)
7 Power Cleans
4 SDHSPUs (2/4″)
8 Power Cleans
3 SDHSPUs (2/4″)
9 Power Cleans
2 SDHSPUs (2/4″)
10 Power Cleans
1 SDHSPU (2/4″)
(30:00 cap)

The goals for this one…

Keep an identical breathing pattern and rhythm on all the cleans which should be done in singles so choose a weight that makes you focus on the set up and execution each time, but that won’t bog you down as the reps creep upwards…

The HSPUs should be broken down into sets of 2s the majority of the time with singles mixed in to complete the odd numbered rounds or done in singles the whole time with a set walking distance/breathing pattern/etc between each set…

If you choose a scale make sure it’s one that will become more difficult as the volume builds, but you can keep moving with in the numbers you picked…

You can choose to do slightly larger break downs if you pick a scale options, but dont make it too easy on yourself since this is supposed to be a testing workout…

Scale options:
#1 – Less or no deficit strict HSPUs
#2 – Plate under and Abmat (No higher than a 25# plate or so)
#3 – Box HSPUs in a Piked out position (No knees)
#4 – Push Ups on the ground or a hard box height
#5 – Strict DB Presses

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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