Tomorrow is all about smooth and consistent movement throughout…

To test this we will use a variation of a classic Crossfit workout that we have simplified even more in order to allow most of your to continue to move without hitting a significant wall…

This still means you have to have a plan on this one…

No unbroken movements for most of the movements, work on steady breathing and movement rhythm throughout…

“Filthy 50-ish”
50 Box Jumps/Step Ups (20/24)
50 Ring Rows (Moderate Angle)
50 Russian KB Swings (26-35/44-53#)
50 Reverse Lunges in Place (Total)
50 Hanging Knee Raises (90 degrees only)
50 Push Presses (33/44#)
50 KB Deadlifts (26-35/44-53#)(1 KB Only)
* Same KB as you use for Swings
50 Thrusters (33/44)
50 Burpees (Step back and up, if needed)
50 Doubles (2:00 cap)
(30:00 cap)

Work to manage muscle fatigue throughout on this one!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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