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80/100 Calories on the Bike (7:30 cap)
80/100 Burpee Pull Ups**
** 1st 20/25 have to be Strict CTB
** 2nd 20/25 have to be Strict Chin Above
** 3rd 20/25 have to be Kipping CTB
** 4th 20/25 have to be Kipping Chin Above
(20:00 cap)

Scale the rep amounts at each spot based on your abilities on that specific type of pull up…

If you have any CTB at all try to get some in, if not then move down to just strict chin above at the start before moving to kipping CTB then chin above for 15-25 reps each…

If you’re still working on strict then try burpee jumping pull ups with a 3-5 second negative or coach assisted for 15-25 reps before moving down to some burpee kipping pull ups and/or burpee jumping CTB or jumping chin above..

The goal is to get some quality strict work for 1/4-1/2 of the burpee pull up reps before moving to the kipping section…


Keep working some mobility post workout and keep yourself healthy!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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