Covering every DB option for the open tomorrow…

27 Calories on the Rower
27′ Single Arm DB OH Lunges (EA Arm)(54′ total)
24 Calories on the Rower
24 DB Front Squats (1 DB Held Across Chest)
21 Calories on the Rower
21 Single Arm DB Hang Cleans (EA Arm)
18 Calories on the Rower
18 Single Arm DB Push Presses (EA Arm)
15 Calories on the Rower
15 DB Snatch (EA Arm)
(18:00 cap)

35/50# DB for this one and you have to do all the reps on one arm/side before switching to the other side…

Feel free to knock this one down a little to 30/45# or a little less if needed…


Just so we can run just one heat instead of two you will be required to BIKE the round of 27 or 24 AND 18 or 15 during this workout so we can keep the rowers a little clearer for bigger classes…

We also have some post workout shoulder injury prevention work for you guys so really try to take some time to do it once you’ve recovered from the workout…

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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