Open prep Thursday!

Make sure to keep to get a lot of hip flexor/glute prep for this one due to the higher rep deadlifts and hspus in this one…

Also make sure to pick the right HSPU scale so you can get some decent amount of volume in the 13:00 time frame…

11 Deadlifts (155/225#)(60% 1RM to scale… No upscaling the weight)
11 Wall Ball Shots (14/20#)(10/20#-9′)
11 Calories on the Rower
11 STRICT Handstand Push Ups
22 DLs
22 Wall Ball Shots
22 Cals on the Rower
22 STRICT Handstand Push Ups
33 DLs
33 Wall Ball Shots
33 Cals on the Rower
33 KIPPING Handstand Push Ups
Then 44s…
** Work as high as you can in 13:00

You must do the first 2 rounds strict in order to potentially be allowed to kip, but only kip if you have good control and strength under fatigue otherwise pick from any of the scales below:

#1 – Strict HSPUs to a Abmat/plate + AbMat then potentially move lower and kip if you have the control
#2 – Strict HSPUs to a higher spot then move to Regular Push Ups for the higher rep rounds
#3 – Regular Push Ups for the lower rep rounds if these will pose a challenge for you then move to DB Push Presses
#4 – Box HSPUs to a challenging level then move to Regular Push Ups or DB Push Presses as the reps increase


Solid deadlift positions and break ups as the reps start to add up…

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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