Thursday recovery before 19.4!!!!!!!

1 Controlled Wall Walk (12″ off wall roughly)
10 Med Ball Slams (20-25/30-35#)
15/20 Calories on the Bike/Row/Ski
50 singles
1 Controlled Wall Walk
10 Med Ball Thrusters (20-25/30-35#)
15/20 Cals on the Bike/Ski/Row
25 DUs (1:00 cap)
* 20:00 smooth AMRAP

Try to swap which piece of cardio you use INSIDE the round. So if you do the rower before your 50 singles, then switch to the bike or the ski before you get after your 25 doubles. If you are doing the open on Friday, then take this one a little easier and use it as a recovery workout to get your body primed for the second to last open workout. If you are planning to wait until Sunday, get after this one!!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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