Longgggg Thursday…

10 Front Rack DB Walking Lunges (35/50# DB.. Just one)
12/15 Calories on the Row/Ski
* Have to ski 1 out of every 3 rds

10 rds for time

30:00 cap

Scale height on the HSPU before knocking down reps if possible to make this more of volume oriented workout, but all the other usual scales apply (box on toes, bear crawl HSPUs, regular push ups)

Just 1 DB laying across the front of the shoulders for the Lunges…

Strict T2B should show leg control down and pause on the bottom each rep or you can scale to k2e or knee Raises but must show the same control and pause on the bottom…

Smooth and steady rounds on this one and be strong and show good control on the Strict stuff!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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