Pick your spot to get your max “reps”…

But first…

Rehab and core work…

Every 2:00 for 9 total rounds (18:00 total):
1st – Max Effort Ring Rows for :30
2nd – Hollow Hold for 1:00 total
3rd – Star Bridges x :30 each Side

Try to do a slight leg raise of the outside leg on the star bridge and scale as needed on the Hollow Hold so you can do the 1:00 straight through…


7:00 Row For Meters
(25m = 1 Rep)
5:00 Bike For Calories
(1 Cal = 1 Rep)
3:00 Med Ball Slams
(1 Slam = 1 Rep)

The 15:00 does not stop once it has started so make sure to move to the Bike quickly and then to the Slams quickly once the time periods have finished at the prior spot…

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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