Volume day!

At the gym…

80/100 DIFFICULT Ring Rows
(5-10 should be hard to maintain, but also keep proper should engagement in mind)
100 Wall Ball Shots (14/20#)
(15:00 cap)

Smooth and steady pacing out of the gate and I’ll also give you the option to bump the Wall Ball number up to 125 or 150 if it’s a strong movement of yours as long as you finish in under the time cap…

For those of you at home with some equipment you can sub up any of the following while keeping in mind how things would potentially feel if you were doing this one at the gym…

80/100 DB Rows or Flys or Banded Pull Aparts or Pulldowns
* If you have a lighter weight then these reps could potentially be a little higher
100-150 Wall Ball or Med Ball/KB Thrusters or DB Thrusters
* Can sub in a Press or Push Press if your legs are pretty sore from the holding yesterday
(15-20:00 cap depending on how hard you make it)

Try to pick a consistent rep number to aim for each set and see if you can maintain throughout…

At home with potentially no equipment…

80-100 Object Row
* This could be a case of water, stuffed backpack, water filled jugs, etc
100-150 Object Thrusters
* Same object as above if possible

Can even mix in a partner row if you need it and have a willing partner to hold you up!

This one should take a good chunk of the 15:00 time cap so adjust the difficulty on the Rows and the Wall Ball reps accordingly!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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