3-5:00 Easy Cardio Warm Up
(Mix between two cardio options if you can)

Split Stretch for 1-2:00 per side
Backward Hurdle Walk into Opposite Toe Touch BALANCE x 5ea
(Try not to touch your other foot down for all 5 reps)
Lateral Lunge x5ea way
Forward Lunge & Reach x 3ea side
Hand Walk x 5 (Hold hammie stretch)
Leg kicks and side to side Swings x 5-10ea

500m Row
1000m Bike (.63 Miles) or 500m Ski
(22:00 AMRAP)

Base, base, base, base work…

Don’t let your heart rate or breathing rate spike all the way throughout this one so keep a close eye on your pacing for both pieces of cardio on this one and try to keep around that time as closely as you can…

Same as above if you have two cardio options so this could be a Bike and Run, Run and Row, Row and Bike, etc, etc with the same goals in mind of keeping paces as consistent as you can…

Feel free to make this a 30 minute workout also if you have the time as long as the above goal continues to be met…

AT HOME: No 2nd cardio option

Make this one into a 10-15:00 out and 10-15:00 back steady state run workout trying to get back to your exact starting point after running out…

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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