3-5:00 Cardio Warm Up
(Mix in the two cardio options you plan to do for the workout)

Wall calf stretch x 1:00-2:00
Tempo calf Raises x 10 (hold top and down slowly)
Split stretch x 1:00 each side
(Find your tight corners)
Backward Hurdle Walk + Opposite Toe Touch BALANCE x 5ea side
Forward Hurdle Walk + Lunge & Reach x 3-5 each
Push Up Hand Walk + Opp Toe Touch x 5
Leg Swings & Side to Side Swings x 5ea
Split Squat Jumps staying low to the ground for 10 reps switching in air

750m Row
1250m Bike (.78) or 750m Ski
* 22 minute AMRAP

They to work the aerobic base just like last week, but we are also trying to cram a little more distance into 22 minutes than you last week…

Ex. If you did 4 rounds of 500m Row & 500m Ski then you did 4000m total so you’re trying to do 2 rounds plus more than 1000m on round 3 to beat your score from last week…

Try to do the same cardio combo you did last week but move the distances for each one up 25-50% each or do the 30 minute run like last week but try to cover a little more distance in the 30 minute time frame than you did last week…

Make sure to do some cool down afterward for 5-10 minutes as well!!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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