Cardio for 5:00 (any combo)

Wall Calf Stretch x1:00
Tempo single leg calf Raises with slow negative for 10 per side (3 sec lowering)
Splits Stretch x 1:00 ea side
Backward Hurdle Walk plus Toe Touch balance x 5ea (Try to hold balance point for 3 secs each)
Push Up Hand Walk (Single Leg Hand Walks) x 1 Push Up and 2 SL hand Walks for 5 total
Leg kicks and side Swings x 5ea side/way
Split Squat Jumps for speed and quickness instead of height x 10 total

1000m Row
1000m Ski or 1600m Bike
* 22 minute AMRAP

Same combo as last week trying to at worst match your total distance covered last week but with longer distances than last week…

Same combo as last week but with slightly longer distances or do the 30 minute but try to cover just a little more distance than prior week…

Get after it! 🙂

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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