Warm up 

Farmers vs Lumberjacks



E: Prepare for obstacle course by reviewing/practicing all movements

T: Prepare for 12 Days of Christmas WOD by reviewing/practicing all movements



E: “Anthony” Obstacle Course

Which will include…

Skin the cat

Agility Ladder

Jumping bar muscle ups

Jump Rope

Army crawl

Rope swings

T: 12 Days of Christmas WOD

1 Wall Walk

2 Box Jumps

3 Ring rows

4 push ups

5 reverse lunges (each leg)

6 toes to bar (knee raises)

7 ball slams

8 calories on the rower

9 ab mat sit ups

10 burpees

11 wall ball

12 pull ups



Cone Blaster

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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