Warm Up

E: Pizza Boxes!

T: Mixed Tabata (2 times through)

Tuck Jumps

PVC Pass throughs   


Bar Hang

Lunge Walk

Plank Hold

Jumping Jacks

Overhead Hand Walk




E: Jumping Bar Muscle Up with Rollover top (coach supported)/Skin the Cats on rings

T: Snatch (1 rep from hang position, 1 rep from floor) Power OR Squat catch (Work up to a moderate weight, but don’t increase weight unless technique looks good.)

**Start w/ PVC, then move to bar.

**Work on STRICT PULL UPS in between sets. Coach will go through pull up variations.  



E: 6:00-9:00 AMRAP (Coach will determine length of AMRAP depending on class size)

3 Jumping Bar Muscle ups with rollover on last one

6 Burpees

9 KB/DB Deadlift

12 Lateral Hops

T: 2:00-3:00 Challenge (Coach will determine length depending on time) How many reps can you complete??? Move FAST! Choose a pull up variation that is challenging but you can still move quickly!

1 Pull up

1 Burpee

2 Pull ups

2 Burpees

3 Pull ups

3 Burpees

**Keep increasing by ONE rep until time is called.



Baseball OR Kickball (kids choose)

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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