Warm up

E: Snatch the Cone

T: Jog down and back x 2

Med ball push press x 10

Lunge and twist x 4

Wall hip stretch x :30 each side

Push up hand walk x 4

Med ball press x 5

Double banded overhead stretch on  rig x :30-1:00

Bar hang x :20



E: Stations

#1-Rock and Roll up: Start on feet, crouched in a ball with arms wrapped around legs. Tuck chin to your chest, rock back to shoulders and try to rock back up to your feet. (GOAL: Keep chin tucked and arms around legs the whole time)

#2-Handstand Walk around box (12 in.) into forward roll


T: 1 push press, 2 push jerks (Demonstrate proper position and technique for both movements. Start with PVC.)



E: STATION ROTATION (3 Rounds; :30 work, :30 rest/rotate)

#1-Toes to bar

#2-Jump rope

#3-Handstand walk around box into forward roll

#4 KB Deadlift


T: 1 push press, 2 push jerks (from a rack)

**Must complete all 3 reps before walking the bar into the rack.

Work position and technique today. Work up slowly to a moderate weight for the day.




Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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