Warm Up

E: Burpee Basketball – There will be a box set up in the middle for athletes to use as a basket. Athletes must stay outside of the cones in order for their basket to count. Coaches will retrieve balls from the basket. If the athletes miss, they must retrieve their own ball. Before attempting a basket athletes must perform ONE burpee. Athletes will keep track of their own points.

T: Tabata (2-3 times through)

High Knees

Squat + Toe Grab (doesn’t have to be fast –a couple reps each time through)

Jumping Jacks

Med Ball Front Squat



Hip Stretch (on wall OR rig) :30 ea side

Wrist stretch on floor

Bar hang x:20

Elbow to instep x 4

Hand walk + rotation x4

Pull up Or Ring row x 5



E: #1-Knees Behind PVC: Set a PVC pipe in J-hooks several inches off the ground (at or below knee height of athletes). Have athlete squat, keeping knees behind PVC and heels firmly planted on the ground. Start a small distance back and inch closer as athletes are able.

#2- Forward Roll Relay: Coaches will have Go Mats set up on the floor (two or three per team–depending on class size) Athletes must perform a forward roll on each Go Mat, then run back and tag the next person in line. The team that gets all athletes back to the starting point first is the winner.

T: 3RM Front Squat from a rack (Heaviest you can get for the day with good technique! Do not increase weight unless you get all THREE reps without racking the bar–with good form. Start with BAR ONLY)



E: Station Rotation: :30 each with :30 rest/rotation between each movement  (2-4x through–coach will determine length depending on time and class size)

Jump Rope

Wall Walks/Kick ups

Med ball Front Squats

Pull ups

Cone run (continuous back and forth run until time is called)


Burpee Pull ups/Jumping pull ups (smooth and steady)

**Try to match your reps each minute  



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