Warm Up 

E: Ball Tag 

T: Dumpster Run 

Banded hamstring stretch on rig 

20 Arm Circles 

100m Jog 

Wall hip stretch x :30 ea side

Elbow to instep + Hamstring Stretch x 4 

Blacktop and back jog 

Med Ball Open Book Stretch x 5 ea side 

Push up hand walk  x 4 



E: Practice two most difficult skills for workout (DB Deadlift and wall walks) and pick out weights for all athletes. (If two coaches are available athletes will rotate in stations to work on each skill.) 

T: Sumo Deadlift (Work up to a moderately heavy weight.) 5×5

–Coach will review technique. Widen your stance just enough so you can have your full arm INSIDE of your thighs. Knees should NOT cave in. Coach will set a clock so athletes have 3:00 for each set–that includes changing weights before the next set. (15 total minutes)



E: 6:00-9:00 AMRAP

8 DB Deadlift 

6 Lunge Steps

4 Burpees 

2 Wall Walks

T: Handstand hold challenge (Scale to wall walk) Who can hold the proper position the longest??? 



Kids’ Choice (OR open gym…depending on time)

Megan Kestel

Written by: Megan Kestel

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