Last chance for some practice before 18.3!



20 Reps of Banded Squat WALKS (10 Left and 10 Right)

* Mini Red or Mini Blue Band

10 Reps of Psoas Marches (Slow with emphasis on pulling knee to chest hard with lower back flat!)

* Mini Orange or Mini Red Band

REST 1:00 (2 total sets)



Every 1:30-2:00 for 8 total rounds (4 rounds each/4 total weight changes)

ODD – HANG Power Snatch + 2-3 Perfect Overhead Squats

EVEN – Power Snatch + 2-3 Perfect Overhead Squats

* Change weights every OTHER round based off of how Overhead Squats are looking and feeling

* 50, 60-65, 70-75, 80-85%



1:30 Clock to complete:

15-20 Barbell Thrusters (65/95#)(45/65#) / 20-25 Wall Ball Shots (14/20#)(10/20-9′)

* Alternate movements every 1:30 round starting with your worst of the two

With time remaining on the 1:30 clock perform Muscle Ups, CTB Pull Ups or Jumping CTB Pull Ups…

** Those of you that have Muscle Ups, perform at least one CTB pull up round, instead of MU’s the entire time

REST 3:00


2-3 Rounds for those of you doing 18.3 on Thursday or Friday

3-4 Rounds for those of you doing 18.3 on Friday or Sunday


Be careful of your hands on this one, but get some good practice in!





Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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