Lifting practice and lots of interval sprints!



** Just 1 set each **

Banded Bench Hip Bridges x 20 reps each leg (Green Band)

Med Ball Lateral Lunges x 10 reps each leg (25/35#)



Every minute on the minute for 10 total minutes:

1 Power Clean and Split Jerk (Left Leg)

1 Power Clean and Split Jerk (Right Leg)

* 75-85% 1RM only… Start at 75% and only move slightly upward if things feel snappy and fast

* Two quick warm up sets at 50% and 65% 1RM Jerk



Reverse Tabata Rowing for Total Meters

:10 Sprint followed by a :20 SLOW, Recovery Row for 10 total rounds (5:00 total)

(Try to keep your :10 sprints at a consistent pacing… 1:30-1:35 for guys and 1:40-1:45 for ladies)

REST 2:00

Reverse Tabata Box Jump for Total Jumps

:10 Box Jump Sprint followed by :20 of SLOW, Recovery Step Ups for 10 total rounds (5:00 total)

(Count up all the box jump completed in each :10 period)

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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