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Barbell skill work so keep weight on the work sets between 70-80% 1RM and really drill proper positions throughout…

1 Hang Above the Knee SQUAT Clean
1 Hang Below the Knee SQUAT Clean
1 SQUAT Clean from the Ground

Again, don’t push the weights if you’re off position at all…



Set this up so you can JUST BARELY finish this one in under 1:30 each time so scale DB weight and/or reps as needed…

9/12 Calories on the Bike (6/9 scale)
15′ Legless Rope Climb (Leg Assisted… :20 cap)
18 Alt. DB Snatches (30-40#/50-60#)
1:30 Cap
REST 3:00

3 total rounds…

Work on trying to efficiently switch hands on the way down from a rep if you can to improve efficiency… Knock the weight down some if needed or move it up if you’re hitting things fast…



Roll your chest and pec minor again post workout and do some I and Y and T Shoulder blade raises face down on a bench in your own for 10 reps per position (2 sets)

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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