Really hammer home some solid barbell skill tomorrow!



Every 1:00-1:30 on the clock or 12 total rounds:
Odd rds – 1 Power Snatch from the floor
Even rds – 1 SQUAT Snatch from the floor

Start the first set with around 75% 1RM on the barbell and add just 3-5# to the barbell every TWO rounds which will put you around 85% or so by the last round if things are feeling great…



Workout needs to be fast and all sets unbroken but the workout is short…

5 CTB Pull Ups
10 Wall Ball (14/20#)
* 6 minute AMRAP

These rounds should last between :25-:40 so scale reps down to as low as 1 CTB if needed or do a higher number of chin above instead or you can do continuous jumping CTB for 5 reps to keep speeds fast…

Try to give the Rx’d Wall Ball weights a go if you usually go lighter, but knock the reps down just slightly if needed to keep things moving…

Looking for 6-8 rounds as a minimum for this one…



Coaches choice on core work post workout!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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