Back squattttttt!

1 set of 20 reps with 55% this week…

Be very focused and deliberate with the back half of this set and feel free to toss on a belt if you want since it will take a little bit of time to run through this set…


100 Doubles (2:00 cap)
5 SQUAT Snatches @ Around 65% 1RM
100 Doubles (2:00 cap)
10 Power Snatches from the Ground
100 Doubles (2:00 cap)
15 HANG Power Snatches
(11:00 cap)

Really strive for efficient positions on the Snatches as the reps add up and have a plan for the Doubles each round as doing them all in bigger sets all the way through will more than likely lead to you missing a snatch at the end of having to break things up more than you would have due to excessive shoulder fatigue…

Try to pick a double under number that takes you at least a minute to complete and is consistently repeatable with the fatigue factor figured in as you go along…

We will have some post workout band work for some injury prevention so make sure to get it in and take care of any potential problem areas you have been feeling lately!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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