Lower body day?? 🙂

Back Squat 1×20 @ 65%
* Try to go unbroken and take extra breaths at the lockout as needed if this is starting to become very difficult at the end and wear a belt also… If you’re losing positions then you can do a BRIEF rerack before finishing the set
(Warm ups – 50×10, 60×8)


100 Doubles (2:00 cap)
50 “Amero-Russian” Swings (26-35/35-53#)
100′ KB Goblet Walking Lunge (Change direction every 25′)
50 “Amero-Russian” Swings (26-35/35-53#)
100 Doubles (2:00 cap)
(13:00 cap)

The majority of us don’t have enough shoulder mobility to safely take the KB fully overhead so we will do a hybrid between the two with the goal of getting the full bell above the top of the head, but not so far you break your lower back position…

Take some time and roll afterwards!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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