Back off week for Squats 😉

1×15 with the empty barbell
1×10 with 40% 1RM
1×20 with 50% 1RM with the caviout of having no signficant pauses throughout all 20 reps on this set until you finish the last rep


50 KB Sumo DL High Pulls (35-53/44-70#)
50 Cals
40 Straight Leg AbMat Sit Ups (Touch toes)
40 Cals
30 KB Swings (35-53/44-70#)
30 Cals
20 Straight Leg AbMat Sit Ups
20 Cals
10 Sandbag Cleans (40-60/60-100#)
10 Cals
(20:00 cap)

Pick a weight that challenges you but you can avoid any lower back hyperextension at the top of the high pull and the top of the swing…

You also MUST Bike or Ski TWO non-consecutive rounds out of the five rounds on this one…

Take some time and roll/stretch afterwards!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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