Back squat…

1×10 @ 55%
1×6 @ 65%

Try to use a weight that will tap you out at the 20th rep, but you can complete the set SAFELY without a major break from your squat form on rep number one…

70-75% 1RM for 20…

Then something to loosen things up after the Squats…

800m Row (4:00 cap)
Dumpster Sandbag Walk (65-80/80-95#)
1600m Bike
100m Overhead Plate Walk (35/50#)*
* Women will hold a 25#&10# plate stacked up and Men will hold TWO 25# plates stacked up and held overhead with both hands
(12:00 cap)

Come see what you can do tomorrow!

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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