General Full Body for 2-3:00
(Feel stuff out so you can address in items to follow)

Lunge and Reach/Elbow 2 Instep Holds x 3 spots for 10-15 secs each
Tempo Split Squats x 5 ea (Keep back hip tight)
Doorway Lat Stretch x5ea
Doorway Chest Stretch with Arms at 90 degrees x :30-1:00
Ankle Squat Stretch + Rotation x 5 total
OH Hand Walk + Arm/Leg Raise x 3 total
(Hold top until still for 3-5 secs)
Rolling Toe Touch x 5-10
Split Squat Jumps changing legs in air
X 4 jumps

Work up to a heavy, but not maximal set of 5 reps on a lateral box step up (12-24″) for 2 sets of the same weight
(Barbell on back for loading)

Barbell Thrusters (65/95#)
Toes 2 Bar (Straight leg raises/knee raise)
(10:00 cap)

Find a weight and set up that allows you to just keep moving throughout even if that means fast singles, etc…

Use a table, patio or stair steps to step up on and load up with bar, DBs, KBs whatever you have available but keep the knee alignment in mind on EVERY rep…

For the workout if you use DBs use either ONE DB held across the shoulders (35-50#) or two DBs with one on each shoulder (10-25’s) or one KB ups side down up front…

For toes 2 bar sub in toes 2 kb, hollow hold toes touches, knee tucks or sit ups as needed…

AT HOME: No equipment
Slow the descent down on step ups for more of a challenge and move the reps up to as high as 10 if needed…

For Thrusters use anything light to moderate loading that you have or try some Air squat jumps instead…

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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