AT HOME WARM UP: Try to do barefoot
General Full Body for 2-3 mins

Single side ankle mobility work for 1-2:00/side
Lat Stretch + All 4s Breathing x 5 reps
Roller/Med Ball Open Book x 5ea
Active Lunge Hip Stretch + Reaches x 1:00ea
Wall Slide until burn keeping shoulders tucked
Forward Hurdle into Elbow 2 Instep x 3ea
OH Hand Walk + Arm/Leg Raise HOLD
X 3ea (5 sec holds)
Squat Stretch + Rotation and Reach x 3-5

5 Rep Overhead Squat
* Must Snatch weight into place each set
(50, 65, 75-80, 80-85, 85+, 85+, 85+)

You might be able to get 5 reps on an OH squat with close to your Snatch max on this one, but keep perfect positions in mind first and foremost…

If you have good mobility and a higher Snatch 1RM you can try a 15 rep max with your bodyweight on the bar, but only a few should give this one a try…

Work DB or KB single arm DB OH squat for 5 tempo reps per side trying to work mobility/stability drills to make things feel better between sets if you find an issue…

You can also try a Double KB/DB overhead squat to make things more difficult as well…


We will do three things to work common site of injury after the above with a barbell…

Palms down barbell Curls x 10 reps
(Trying to really emphasize the top of the forearms and also biceps)
Barbell Single Leg RDL’s x 5-6ea side
Barbell Bent Over Row HOLDS x:30
(Pull the barbell towards the belly button and tuck the shoulders down towards your hips and squeeze them together)
* 3 sets total

Perform the above with DB or KBs at home or use jugs, table row holds and single leg balance holds for up to 10 reps each leg with no weight, if needed…

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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