Jump Rope/Jumping Jacks for 2 mins

Any calf stretch for 1:00 each
Hip series stretching working your tighter hip a little longer than your other x 1-2:00
Barbell Good Mornings or KB DLs x 15-20
(Feel glutes and hammies!)
All 4s Rounding and Extension + Chest/Lat work
Push Up Rotations x 5ea way
Push Up Position Opp Toe Touches x 5ea
Push Up Position Elbow 2 Instep x 3ea
Double Unders x :30


5 position POWER Cleans
(Mid-Thigh, Above, Below and 2 rep from Floor)
(50, 65, 75, 80+, 80+)

Any jumping or throwing or DB cleans with emphasis on speed through the middle of the lift each rep for up to 5-6 reps per set working reps from the Hang and floor

25 Single Leg Jump Rope (Right Leg)(1:00 cap)
25 Single Leg Jump Rope (Left)(1:00 cap)
25 Wall Ball (20-25/25-40# Ball)
50 Double Unders (2:00 cap)
50 Med Ball Thrusters (Same weight)
75 Single Unders
75 Med Ball Push Presses (Same weight)
75 Single Unders
50 Med Ball Thrusters
50 Double Unders (2:00 cap)
25 Wall Ball
25 Single Leg Jump Rope (Left)(1:00 cap)
25 Single Leg Jump Rope (Right)(1:00 cap)
(20:00 overall cap)

Try to use a heavier ball than you typically use for this one since you’re only doing 50 total WB on this one…

Sub in Single Leg Jump over a line for 25 each, 50 Harvard steps on a stairway step and 75 jumping jacks if you dont have a jump Rope…

Use what ever resistance you have and do Med Ball Thruster THROWS if you can then do regular MB Thrusters then MB PP…

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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