Intensity phase of our squat program begins!



Look up your reps from last week!

Warm ups: 8 minutes or so

60% 1RM Ft Sq – 4 Ft Sq & 6 Bk Sq

70% 1RM Ft Sq – 3 Ft Sq & 5 Bk Sq

80% 1RM Ft Sq – 2 Ft Sq & 4 Bk Sq


Using 85% 1RM Ft SQ for ALL SETS:

1st Set: 4 Front Squats (3:00 clock)

2nd Set: Back Squat reps from LAST WEEK MINUS 2 reps (3:00 clock)

3rd Set: 4 Front Squats

4th Set: Back Squats (Same reps as Set 2)

5th Set: 4 Front Squats

6th Set: Back Squat (Same reps as Set 2)

7th Set: Same ending squat type that you have been doing the last 3 weeks for the same reps as Set 2 if you Back Squat OR 4 Front Squats if you end up Front Squatting…



Perform as many rounds and reps in 2:00 of the following:

10 Empty Bar Thrusters (33#/44#)

5 Toes 2 Bar (5 Straight Leg Sit Ups)

REST 2:00 (Partner will go)

Repeat for 3 total rounds


Trying to hit around 90% best effort for each 2:00 intervals so you can repeat your first rep effort on the last two rounds with less than full recovery…



Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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