Saturday 6.15.19

Warm Up E: Mat Attack T: 500m Shuttle run Wall hip stretch x :30 each side Double banded stretch on  rig Push up hand walk  x 4 Bar hang x :20 **Stretch anything else that feels tight!   Skill E: #1-Med ball thrusters #2-KB/DB Deadlifts #3-Jump Rope T: Accessory Work:

Thursday 6.13.19

Warm Up E: Farmers vs. Lumberjacks T: 3 Rounds (coach will time movements) 20 sec Jumping jacks 20 sec Plank 20 sec Hollow Hold THEN…. 200m run Calf stretch x :30 each side Lunge and reach x 4 Elbow to instep x 4     Skill E: #1-Toes to Bar

Tuesday 6.11.19

Warm Up E: Switch! Divide the athletes in half and line them up facing each other on opposite sides of the room.  The coach will select a way to cross the space and call “switch!” to signal athletes to switch sides. Repeat with as many different movements as you can

Saturday 6.8.19

Warm Up E: Musical Medicine Ball (Line up a row of medicine balls with one ball per athlete. Athletes will be given a movement to do while moving around balls. When music starts, like musical chairs, athletes will move around the balls. When music stops athletes will need to squat

Thursday 6.6.19

Warm Up E: SKILL RUN: Coach will take the group on a 200-300m run stopping every 25-20 yards to practice a skill (10 air squats, push ups, tuck jumps, jumping jacks, etc.) **There will be a coach at the beginning AND end of the group for safety.** THEN… Snatch the

Tuesday 6.4.19

Warm Up E: Burpee Basketball – There will be a box set up in the middle for athletes to use as a basket. Athletes must stay outside of the cones in order for their basket to count. Coaches will retrieve balls from the basket. If the athletes miss, they must

Tuesday 5.28.19

Warm Up E: Pizza Boxes! T: Mixed Tabata (2 times through) Tuck Jumps PVC Pass throughs    Squats Bar Hang Lunge Walk Plank Hold Jumping Jacks Overhead Hand Walk **STRETCH ANYTHING ELSE THAT FEELS TIGHT   Skill E: Jumping Bar Muscle Up with Rollover top (coach supported)/Skin the Cats on

Saturday 5.25.19

Warm Up E: Hungry Hungry Hippos T: 30 Jumping jacks 20 Arm circles (different directions) 10 Jumping jacks   5  Arm circles (different directions) Banded hip stretch on rig x :30 each side Calf Stretch on rig x:30 each side Hand walk + Overhead reach + Rotation x4 Elbow to

Thursday 5.23.19

Warm Up E: Switch Cones: Coaches will set up 5 cones (4 corners and one in the middle). The game starts with an athlete at each of the 5 cones and the rest of the group waiting in line. The person at the center cone calls “Switch” and all athletes

Tuesday 5.21.19

Warm Up E: Ball Tag   T: Mixed Tabata (3 times through; :20 work/:10 rest) Jump Rope Rolling Toe Touches Air Squats/Walking Lunges (alternate every other round)   Med Ball Throw (Dip and drive-throw ball up over head as high as you can. Work on explosive drive with hips) THEN…

Thursday 5.16.19

Warm Up E: Relay Races (move objects (cones, ab mats, med balls, etc), one at a time, from one end of gym to the other T: Snatch the Cone THEN… 1 Shuttle Run Calf stretch against wall or box (:30 each side) 4 Push up hand walks 4  Elbow to

Tuesday 5.14.19

Warm Up E: Ball Tag T: 20 Jumping Jacks Jog down and back High knees down and back Butt kicks down and back Carioca down and back Banded hip stretch on rig x :30 each side Hamstring stretch on rig x 5 reps each side   Elbow to instep x

Saturday 5.11.19

Warm Up E:Sharks and Minnows T: Tic tac toe THEN… Calf stretch on rig x:30 5 Super SLOW Air squats Wall hip stretch x:30 each side 10 front back hops 10 side to side hops 10 PVC Pass throughs 5 Overhead squats with PVC 5 Snatch balance THEN…Stretch anything else

Thursday 5.9.19

Warm up E: Farmers vs. Lumberjacks T: Hot potato (Athletes will stand in a circle and toss a med ball to other athletes in the circle-can toss the ball to anyone. Before tossing the ball, each athlete will need to perform one rep of an exercise. The coach will decide

Saturday 5.4.19

Warm up E: Steal the Bacon Athletes will be divided into two teams. They will line up facing each other. Each athlete will have a number that matches the number on the opposing team. In the middle will be a band (to represent “bacon”).  When the coach calls a number

Thursday 5.2.19

Warm Up E: Tabata (:20 work/:10 rest) Jog (down and back cone to cone)   Jump Rope Shuffle (down and back cone to cone) Push ups (knees) Skip (down and back cone to cone) Jumping jacks Bear crawl (down and back cone to cone) Air squats Crab walk (down and