Tuesday 4.20.18

Warm-Up e Tag and variations t 5 calorie on the rower, 5 reverse burpee, wall hip stretch x :30 each, push-up handwalk/lunge/reach/elbow to instep each leg/pigeon stretch/hamstring/squat and stand x 3 each, 5 slow and controlled box squats (focus on getting closer and closer to the box without knees touching!!!)

Saturday 3.17.18

Warm-up e squat buckets – in rams of 2-3, Squat and shoot a medball into an upside down box. Each basket equals 1 point. t slamball deadlift x 15, press x 10, slow and controlled squat x 5, repeat. Splits stretch x :30, KB DL x 10, alternating lat stretch

Thursday 3.15.18

Warm-up e 20 sec plank hold, 15 jumping jacks, 10 mountain climbers, 5 slow and controlled squats, repeat 3 times. t 5 mb press, 5 mb squat, 5 slow and controlled burpees. (Repeat 2 x), then open notebook x 3 each, lat stretch x 3 ea, Lunge/reach/elbow to instep x 3

Tuesday 3.13.18

Warm-up e Sharks vs Minnows t – Row 6 cal, MB Press x 6 Row 4 cal, MB press x 4, Row 2 cal MB press x 2, Partner thoracic spine stretch, open notebook x 3 each, alternating lat stretch x 8, lunge/reach/elbow to instep/reach/hamstring x 3 each, MB thruster

Saturday 3.10.18

Warm-up e – Plank tag t – 50 su’s, 5 strict presses, 25 single unders, 5 strict presses, splits stretch and reach x :30 ea, alternating lat stretch x 4 each, reverse lunge/reach/elbow to instep/hamstring (spiderman lunges) x 5 each 25 jump ropes FAST!!! Skill e PVC overhead squats/Dumbell Snatch

Thursday 3.8.18

Warmup e – dynamite t – 10 double unders, 5 ball slams 3:00 amrap, then alternating lat stretch x 4 ea, lunge/reach/Spider-Man e2i+h, 3 mb thruster, 10 doubles (fast!!!) skill e – hillbilly sled pushes work e – in partners, for 8:00 1 wall walk each, 2 burpee plate raises each,

Tuesday 3.6.18

warm-up E ball tag T – :30 cal sprint, 5 mb press, 3 slam, alternating lat stretches x 6, lunge/reach/elbow to instep/ hamstring x 4, :15 row sprint skill E medball clean T From the rack 1 strict press, 2 jerk (if split, must split with left and right) work

Saturday 3.3.18

Warm-up Elementary – Clean out the yard Teens – Bike 2:00, banded rack stretch x :30 ea, elbow to instep x :30 ea, pigeon stretch x :15 ea, KB Squat x 10, lateral lunge and reach x 8, sumo push-up handwalk, lateral lunge and reach x 3 ea, bike x

Thursday 3.1.18

Warmup E-1 wall walk, 5 squats, 10 jumping jacks x 3 rounds T- 2 wall walk, 5 Squat’slow and controlled, 10 jumping jacks, 15 pvc pass through (all 2x through) then… elbow to instep and rotate & hamstring x 3 ea, 3 burpee long jump Skill pull-up/chin-up holds teens tempo

Tuesday 2.27.18

Warm-up E: Muscial Medicine Ball T: Rowling Skill E: Knee raises/toes to bar Workout E: CrossFit Open Workout 18.1 (Modified) Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of: 8 hanging knee raises 10 ball slams 12 pulls on the rower T: 20:00 AMRAP In teams of 2, working 1 at a time

Saturday 2.24.18

Warm-up: E: Snatch the Cone T: 12/14 cal row 8 med ball clean and jerks open book stretch X3 each way Elbow to instep + lunge and reach X4 Push up hand walk X 4 Rolling toe touch X5 Toes to bar X3   Skill: E: Knee raises/toes to bar T: DB Clean

Thursday 2.22.18

Warm up: E: Snatch the Cone T: Pass the PVC THEN…. Stretch hip flexors and shoulders   Skill:  E: Catching in motion:  There will be a few cones set up. Athletes will run/shuffle in a zig zag pattern between the cones, keeping eyes on the coach.  At some point, the coach will throw the

Tuesday 2.20.18

Warm up E: Hungry Hungry Hippos T: Tic Tac Toe (3 burpee high fives before you can go place an object on the tic tac toe board) THEN….stretch shoulders and ankles (roll calves if they are tight)   Skill  E: Rowing (Technique/Fish game) T: Snatch Balance X2/Squat Snatch   Workout E:

Saturday 2.17.18

Warm up E: Hot Potato T: 2 Rounds at a Warm Up Pace of: 10 Air Squats—> 30′ Inch Worm 10 Tuck Jumps—> 30′ Lunge Walk 10 Mountain Climbers—> 30′ Spiderman Stretch (elbow to instep—> stay low) 10 Sit Ups—> 30′ Crab Walk   Skill E: Bar Wars (+ plank challenges if time)

Thursday 2.15.18

Warm Up E: Tornado Tag T: (2-3 times through) Mixed Tabata of: Squats Push Ups Double Unders Walking Lunges   Skill  E: Jump the Tower T: Push ups (2 sets of max push ups) Jump Rope (2 sets of max double unders OR total number in 2:00)   Workout E: 7:00-10:00 AMRAP, ascending by 2 reps

Tuesday 2.13.18

Warm-up E: Farmers vs. Lumberjacks T: 25 m Bear Crawl 25 m duck walk (low to the ground-walk in a low squat-how low can you go? Stretch out your ankles.) 10 Rolling toe touches w/ PVC pipe Tuck Jumps X 5 Push up hand walk X 3 :20 Bar Hang Burpee

Saturday 2.10.18

Warm up E: Safe While Moving w/plate jumps (discuss “knees out” landing position) – Standard rules of tag apply between cones. Kids must move from cone immediately after completing 3 plate jumps and are only safe while exercising at cone. T: 300m row THEN…. Tabata Warm-up (3 rounds) -bar hang (active

Tuesday 2.6.18

Warm up E: CrossFit Basketball T: Med Ball Tabata (2-3 Rds) (:20 work/:10 rest) Ball Slams Jog (black pole to black pole) Front Squat carioca (black pole to black pole) Push Press   Skill  E: Jump Rope Challenges T: Headstands (press to handstand)/Partner hold kick ups/Negatives   Workout E: 7:00-9:00 AMRAP 4 Handstand Kick ups OR

Saturday 2.3.18

Warm up: E: Switch! The coach will divide the group in half and line them up facing each other on opposite sides of the room.  The coach will select a way to cross the space and call “switch!” to signal them to switch sides. Repeat with different movements. T: Mixed Tabata (:20 work/:10 rest)