Tuesday 1.19.21

1/19/2021 Elementary: Warm up: Farmers vs. Lumberjacks   Skill: Air squats/KB Deadlifts   Workout: AMRAP (Time will be decided based on class size/time) 20 jump ropes 10 air squats 5 KB deadlifts   Game: Pizza Box Game   Teens: Skill: Overhead Squat w/ 3 sec. pause at bottom   Workout:

SATURDAY 1.16.21

1/16/2021 Elementary: Skill: Jumping pull ups/Pull ups/Holds (Choose your ability level) Push ups (box or floor) Workout: **Work your way across room (push ups under one rig, sit ups in middle, jumping pull ups on other rig–rearrange if needed based on number of kids) 5:00-8:00 AMRAP (base time on class

Tuesday 1.12.21

Elementary Warm Clean out the Yard Skill Reverse OH Lunge (“pressed to the sky” – loaded or unloaded) Work 4 Burpee & Jump over your med ball 5 Medball Front Squat 6 Reverse OH lunge (loaded or unloaded) 7:00 AMRAP Game Bear Crawl Ball Played the same as clean out

Saturday 1.9.21

Elementary Warm Musical Medicine Balls Skill Box Push-Ups Ring Rows Work 7 Ball Slam 6 Ring Row 5 Box Push-Up 6:00 AMRAP Game Pizza Boxes or Open Gym Teens Warm General Body Jog :20 Rest :10 Backpedal :20 Rest :10 Side Shuffle (switch directions at :10) :20 Rest :10 Carioca

Tuesday 1.5.21

Elementary Warm Burpee Basketball Skill Medball Deadlift Jump The Tower Work 7 Medball Deadlift 6 Sit-ups 5 Burpees Game Cone Blaster Teens Warm :45 Bike/Ski 10 squats 10 empty bar press :30 Bike/Ski 5 handwalk/opposite toe touch/hand leg raise Lat stretch x 3 ea Elbow to instep x 3 ea

Saturday 1.2.21

Elementary Warm Squat Buckets Skill DB Push Press Work 5 push press 5 MB Squat 5 Jump Rope 5:00 AMRAP Game Dodge Ball Switch Teens Skill 2 Position Snatch 1 hang + 1 floor Work 10 Toes to Bar 10 DB Snatch 10 Shoulder to Overhead 10 Front Squat 10

Tuesday 12.22.20

Elementary Warm Sharks and Minnows Ball Tag Skill DB Cleans Work 5 DB Cleans, then Obstacle Course 8:00 AMRAP Game CrossFit Kickball Teens Warm Rowling Work 12 Days of Christmas 1 Wall Walk 2 Rower over Burpees 3 KB Deadlift 4 Slam Ball Thruster 5 KB Swings 6 Sit-Ups 7

Saturday 12.19.20

Elementary Warm Ball Tag Skill Box Step-Ups Work 2 Burpees 4 Box Step-Ups 6 Sit-ups 7:00 AMRAP Game Sharks vs Minnows Teens Strength Front Squat 5×5 Work Minute 1 1 burpee Minute 2 1 Box Jump Minute 3 2 Burpees Minute 4 2 Box Jumps etc…until you can’t complete the

Tuesday 12.15.20

Elementary Warm Clean out the Yard Skill Plank Row MB Press Work 2 MB Press 4 Laying knee tucks 6 Plank DB Rows 6:00 AMRAP Game Clean out the yard Soccer Style! Teens Work 50 Cal Row/Bike 40 Toes to Bar/Hanging Knee Raises 30 Wall Ball 20 DB Clean 10

Saturday 12.12.20

Elementary Warm Clean out the yard Skill Bar skills DB Rows Work 2 Bar Muscle Ups 4 DB Rows 6 Box overs Game Clean out the yard soccer style Teens Row warm-Up and general & bar warm-up Strength Squat Clean and Jerk x 1 and add weight as successful Work

Saturday 12.5.20

Elementary Warm Pizza Boxes Skill KB DL MB Dip and Press Work 3 KB DL 3 MB Dip and Press 3 Jumps and Lands Game Sharks and Minnows Teens Warm Skill BackSquat 5×5 Work 1 Min AMRAP 5 DB Squat 5 Burpee :30 Rest 1:00 AMRAP 15 DB/KB Swings 5

Tuesday 12.1.20

Elementary Warm Pyramid Skill Medicine Ball Cleans Work 1:00 5 Medicine Ball Cleans, burpees with remaining time 1:00 Rest 5 Rounds Game Goal!!! Teens Warm Bike 1:00 Air Squat x 10 Bike :45 barbell front squat x 5 Bike :30 Inchworm x 3 lunge/reach/elbow to instep x 3 ea Bike

Saturday 11.28.20

Elementary Farmers and lumberjacks Teens Broad and General Warm-up Teens Skill BackSquat 5×5 Work 1 Min AMRAP 5 Squat 5 Burpee :30 Rest 1:00 AMRAP 15 DB/KB Swings 5 DB Squats :30 Rest 1:00 AMRAP 5 Sit-ups 5 Push-ups :30 Rest 2/3 Rounds for Reps Game CrossFit Baseball    

Tuesday 11.24.20

Elementary Warm Squat Buckets Skill Bar wars/Bar Push-Ups Work Tabata 4x Through Box Jumps Ball Slams Jumping Pull-Ups/Ring Rows Rest Game Clean out the Yard Bear Crawl/Crab Style Teens Warm Skill Unbroken DB Snatch x 5 ea 3-4 rounds Work Tabata 8 rounds Box Jumps, Ball Slams,Pull-ups/Ring Rows, Rest  

Saturday 11.21.20

Elementary Warm Hydro Shuffle/Red light/Green light Work 1 Wall Walk 5 MB Thruster 10 Shoulder Taps Game Pizza Boxes Teens Warm Rowling & General Warm-Up Skill Bear Complex Work 5 Cal Row 10 burpees Plate Raises 3:00 Cap, Rest 2:00 20:00 AMRAP

Elementary Warm Tabata Warm-Up Slow Controlled Squat Ball Slams Plank Jumping lunges Skill Single Arm DB Hang Clean & Press Jump Rope Work 8 Alt DB Hang Clean & Press 15 Jump Rope 5:00 AMRAP 1:00 Rest 4 Alt DB Hang Clean & Press 10 Jump Rope 3:00 AMRAP Game Ball

Saturday 11.14.20

Elementary Warm Red light/Green Light Work 3 rounds of Kelly Brown-ish: 100 M Run 10 Box Jumps 10 MBDeadlift 10 Wall Balls Game Elevated Cone Blaster Teens Warm Hydro Shuffle Barbell RDL, FS, Press, BS Lat stretch Elbow to Instep Lateral lunge Ball Slam Skill Hang Power Clean Work Kelly

Tuesday 11.10.20

Elementary Warm Pizza Boxes Skill DB Front Squat Rope Climbs Work 7:00 AMRAP 7 DB Front Squats 1 Rope ascent/seated climb Game CrossFit Kickball Teens Warm Row 1:00 Alternating forward lunge x 10 Row :45 Alternating lateral lunge x 8 Row :30 Squat stretch/Toe grab Elbow to instep x 2