Thursday 9.20.18

Warm e :15 at each, :15 transition to next station, 3 x through 1) squat 2) burpee 3) jumping jacks t :30 each, :15 rest of 1) squat 2) burpee 3) jumping jacks…then, wall hip stretch x :30 ea, lateral lunge/reach x 4, ball slam x 3, squat and throw

Tuesday 9.18.18

warmup e Rowling 3 frames t after Rowling, rig squat stretch x :20, lunge/reach/e2i x 4, push-up handwalk x 3, ball slam x 2 squat and throw x 1 skill e ball slams t overhead squat x 1 frontsquat x 3 backsquat x 5 work e 4 rounds of 1:00

Saturday 9.15.18

warmup e t 1:00 row, slow and controlled burpees, 75 meter row, 4 slow and controlled burpees, 50 m row, 3 slow and controlled burpees, splits stretch x :30 ea, active hang x :10, rig squat stretch x :30,  elbow to instep x 5 ea., lateral lunge & reach x 4,

Tuesday 9.11.18

Tuesday 9/11 Warm-up E – Pizza boxes T – Dumpster run, 8 MB dl , 100 M run 6 MB dl, wall hip stretch x :30, backwards lunge/reach/elbow to instep/reach x 4, 5 reverse shrugs, 3 kipping swings, 2 high jump Skill E Medball clean T power clean + 3

Saturday 9.8.17

Warm-up E – In partners, hungry hungry hippo ( each partner must burpee before he or she goes out to grab something) T –  row/run (outside) 100M, 5 MB Slams, row/run 100 M (Switch), 5 MB Slams, Run/Row(whatever you started with) , splits stretch and reach x :30 each side,

Thursday 9.6.18

Warm-up E – Freeze! Coach has kids perform a movement and yells the word freeze. Any students that do not immediately stop the movement (jumping jacks, lunges, squats, jumping high knees, bear crawl, etc) will perform 2 burpees. T – jog down and back x 8, side shuffle down and

Tuesday 9.4.18

Warm-up E – Burpee Basketball T – 3:00 easy AMRAP of black top and back, 10 jumping jacks, side shuffle and back, 10 jumping jacks, carioca blacktop and back, 10 jumping jacks,  then banded hip stretch x :30 ea, lunge/reach/elbow to instep x 3 ea, pushup handwalk x 3, burpee

Saturday 9/1/18

Warm-Up E – CrossFit Baseball, 3 innings T – CrossFit Baseball, 2 innings of 3:00 AMRAP (start 2nd inning where you left off) First Base – 5 Ball Slams, 2nd Base – 5 burpees, 3rd Base – 20 Jumping Jacks, Home – 30 jump ropes Skill E- DB Snatch, Rope climbs/holds, &

Thursday 8.30.18

Warm-up E: Rock, Paper, Scissors (Partners will stand facing each other. Tie=both partners have one burpee, Loser=just that person has a burpee) T: Rock, Paper, Scissors (Partners will stand facing each other. Tie=both partners have one burpee, Loser=just that person has a burpee) :30 row 5 med ball slams :30 row

Tuesday 8.28.18

Warm-up E: Farmers vs. Lumberjacks T: 100m jog lunge and reach x 25′ push up hand walk x 25′ 10 KB Deadlift Blacktop and back run Elbow to instep x 4 steps 3 burpees   Skill  E: Lunge with odd objects T: Deadlift (practice the following lifts with 75% of snatch max) -snatch grip

Saturday 8.25.18

Warm up:  E: Plank Ball T: Plank Ball THEN… 100m run + blacktop run Banded hip stretch on  rig X :30 each side Banded hamstring stretch on rig X 6-8 reps each side calf stretch on rig X :30 each side 5 med ball squat and throw lunge and reach + elbow to

Thursday 8.23.18

Warm up E: Snatch the Cone T: 20 jumping jacks 20 arm circles (different directions) 10 med ball slams 5 med ball press (no legs!) 10 walking lunges push up hand walk x 4 :10 ring row hold 5 ring rows 3 burpees + long jump   Skill E: Agility ladder

Tuesday 8.21.18

Warm up:  E: Hungry Hungry Hippos T: 200m row (line up rowers in middle) 5 med ball slams 100m row 5 med ball push press 50m row 5 med ball thrusters wall stretch x :30 each side lunge and reach + elbow to instep x 4 double banded lat stretch x

Thursday 8.16.18

Warm up E: Med Ball Relay Runs (Pair up and get a med ball. If you have the med ball you can’t move. Your partner runs ahead of you, you throw it to them and run ahead of him/her, over and over. If it hits the ground/is dropped, team penalty of

Tuesday 8.14.18

Warm-up E: PVC Pass T: 20 jumping jacks 10 arm circles PVC Pass through x 10 PVC Overhead squat x 5 Wall hip stretch x :30 ea side elbow to instep x 4 **As we do our barbell warm up, stretch anything else that feels tight in between sets!   Skill

Saturday 8.11.18

Warm up E: Medicine Ball Basket Toss (Basket 1=1 point, Basket 2=2 points, Basket 3=3points) T: Tornado Tag THEN… 20 jumping jacks alt lat stretch on  rig x 4 ea side 10 jumping jacks wall hip stretch x :30 ea side elbow to instep x 4 weighted walking lunge x8 (use

Thursday 8.9.18

Warm-up E: PVC Pass T: Squat and throw (if your group drops the ball to the ground, every member of the group has a 2 burpee penalty) THEN…. 200m row 200m run elbow to instep x 4   Skill E: Long Jump   Workout E: Tabata (:20 work/:10 rest) Alternate between the

Tuesday 8.7.18

Warm-up E: Pizza box game T: Jog 100m and back Bear crawl rig to rig Banded hip stretch on rig :30 ea side Double banded lat stretch on rig :30 Elbow to instep x 2 Overhead hand walk x 2 PVC pass through x 10 PVC OH squat x 5 Burpees x 3   Skill E: Rope