Tuesday 7.7.20

Elementary  Warm Squat Buckets Skill Skill ladder, DB Front Squat+Press Work 7:00 5 DB Front Squat+Press, 10 Shoulder Taps, Skill Laddder Game Goal!!! Teens Arnold Press Back Squat to a challenging set of 3 Challenge max time plate hold (Pincer grasp)


kids: warm-up: crossfit base ball skills: agility ladder jump rope tripod holds workout: obstical course Teens: team relays then… hydro shuffle KB deadlift kb front squat kb swings lunge reach rig squat stretch floor lat stretch knee raise lat lunges hurdle walks. med ball squat throws skills: DB Bulgarian split


Kids:  relay races skill: Box walks jump the tower workout: 3 wall walks 5 box jumps 7 ball slams 6 min for time cross fit bowling teens rehab: 1 set only make it count! band Marches x 10 each leg glute bridge x 10 total single leg plank leg raises


kids: warm-up : burpee Long ball toss Skills: PVC Lunges ( front rack/back rack/ OH) skin the cat’s on rings Workout: 6M AMRAP 2 OH squats 5 ring rows 4 front rack lunges (2 each leg) 5 ring rows 6 Back rack lunges ( 3 each) 5 ring rows GAME:


KIDS: Warm-up: zombie tag Skill: DB snatch Jumping MU Workout: 7 min 6 Db Snatches 4 Jumping MU 2 cone runs Game: dodge ball   TEENS warm-up Dumpster run 10 KB front squats 10 kb RDL 100 m run 5 kb swings 5 kb DL 50 m run Lunge and


elementary warm up: cross fit bowling skills: jump the tower box walks workout: 3 wall walks 5 box jumps 7 ball slams game : gaga ball     teens hydro shuffle 10 med ball cleans 10 med ball snatches lunge and reach PUHW cat cows lat stretch ( athlete choice)


Elementary- Warm-up: shark and Minnoes Skills: Db clean and Jerks rope climbs planks front/L/R workout: 7 min AMRAP 1 rope climb 3 Burpee ball over box 5 DB push jerks Game: open gym   Teens: Warm up stations 5min/3 min rest/5 min 1. med ball thruster throws x5 2. strict

Saturday 2.29.20

Warm PVC Drop Skill E Pull-Up holds/Jump Rope/Plank walks T Russian Twists/DB Press x 10, 3 sets Work E 5 reverse burpees, 1 rope swing, Plank Walks T 800m Run/1000m Row or Ski/1.25 Mile Bike (EACH Partner must perform one of the above) 100 Sit-Ups (Share reps) 100 KB Swings (Share

Thursday 2.27.20

Warm Skill Ladder/Ball Slams Skill E Jump Rope/ PVC Front Squat T Cuban Press x 10(2.5-5)/Dumbbell hammer raises x 10, reverse plate flys x 10 (2.5-5) Work E 8:00 AMRAP of 4 DB Snatch, 5 Jumping Pull-ups, 6 Ball Slams, 10 Jump Rope T In Teams: 150 Wall Balls. Every

Tuesday 2.25.20

Warm Squat Potato Skill E Bar summersaults, lunges/weighted lunges, jump rope T Backsquat – 5 sec descent Work E 3:00 AMRAP of lunges, 3 plate squats, 2 burpees rest 1:00, 3:00 AMRAP T Backsquat – 5 sets, 3 reps 5 second descent each rep. Game whole gym Goal!!! Challenge Over the

Saturday 2.22.20

Warm E – Hungry Hungry Hippos Skill E Wall Kick-Ups, Box-walks, Broad Jumps T Cuban Press, Hammer Curls, Bent-over Reverse fly’s 2 sets of 10 each. Super strict movements! Work E 10:00 AMRAP of 3 Push-Up, 5 Ring Rows, 3 Squats, 15 Jump Rope T “Severin” In Partners: Accumulate 50 tough

Thursday 2.20.20

Warm Tabata Jumping Jacks & Super Slow Squats For 4 minutes alternating between movements :20 work, :1o rest Skill E wall walk holds/broad jumps T Cuban Presses (2.5-5lbs) x 10, plank hold x :30, Side plank x :15 ea (2 times through) Work E 4:00 Burpee Plate Jumps, Rest 2:00,

Tuesday 2.18.20

Warm E CrossFit Bowling T 5:00 AMRAP of 10 jumping Jacks, 8 Squats, 6 ball slams, 4 reverse burpees Skill E db clean and jerk/jump rope/cartwheels & summersaults T Clean and Split Jerk Work E 8:00 AMRAP of 2 db clean and jerk, 10 jump rope, 1 cartwheel/summersault T Every

Saturday 2.15.20

Warm Tunnel Tag Skill E Wall Walk/Plate Squats/Jump Rope T Bear Complex Work E 6:00 AMRAP of 5 plate squats, 10 jump rope, 1 wall walk T For Time: 5 rounds of 7 bear complex, 400 M Cardio (Run, Bike, Ski, Row) 30:00 Cap Game Team Lily Pad Relay

Thursday 2.13.20

Warm Squat Buckets Skill E DB Press, handstand hold/tripod hold T KB Swing/ring row Work E 3 DB Press, 4 squat, 5 sit-up T In partners, each partner completing an entire round at a time: 20:00 AMRAP of 3 Ring Row/Toe assisted pull-ups/Pull-ups 6 Sit-ups 9 KB Swing Game Open

Tuesday 2.11.20

Warm JunkYard Dogs Skill E Medball Box Step-Ups/Hanging Knee Raises/Cartwheels/Summersaults T Power Clean, Front Squat Work E 4 ring rows, 5 knee raises, 6 mb box step-ups 8:00 AMRAP T Every 2:30 for 10 1 power clean, 2 front squats Game Elevated cone blaster (cones on boxes)

Saturday 2.8.20

Warm E Clean out the yard Skill E Heavy object carry (single arm farmer, plate, med ball), wall walk holds (5-10 seconds) T Back squat 10×5 every 2:30 Work E 3 burpee box-overs, 5 ball slams, 7 sit-ups T Sumo DL High Pulls (35 or empty bar/55#) Lateral Burpees over Barbell/kettle

Thursday 2.6.20

Warm E Tabata Squats/jumping lunges/jumping jacks/plank hold (4:00 total warm-up) T Tabata Squats/jumping lunges/jumping jacks/plank hold (4:00 total) then general warm-up and stretch. Skill E Wall Ball/Box step-up T Hollow Hold :20 hold/:40 rest x 5 Work E tabata wall ball/box step-ups (8:00 total) Group 1 starts on wall balls, group

Tuesday 2.4.20

Warm CrossFit Baseball Skill E DB Clean/Rope Climb/Jumping & Landing T Push Press/Push Press/Push Jerk Work E 8:00 AMRAP of 5 DB Clean, 10 Jump Rope, 1 Rope Climb T 1 Push Press, 2 Push Press, 3 Push Jerk, then Jump rope practice, Rope practice, Ring practice in between sets