Thursday 2/21/19

Warm up: E- Pizza Boxes T- 1:00 Min row wall hip stretch Push up handwalks (in place) :30 sec row (Faster pace) Ground lat stretch “Karate chop” E2I 3 position’s 15: (ALL OUT!) :30 PLANK 15: each side bridge  Skills: E- DB push press/sit ups T- overview of partner Russian

Tuesday 2/19/19

Elementary: Warm up:  pizza boxes Skills: db push press, jump rope, ring rows Workout: 3 ring rows , 6 DB presses, 9 jump ropes   Teens: Warm up: Jog/skip/shuffle/run x2 each Kettlebell deadlifts x10 Kettlebell swings x8 Kettlebell squats x 6 Wall hip stretch: 30 Push up handwalks Lunge and

2-14-19 Thursday!

E- Burpee Ball T- Rowling Skills: E- Ring Rows, Weighted lunges, Sit ups Workout: E-  8 min: 5 Ring Rows -> Weighted Lunges-> 5 sit ups (Then done in reverse going back) T- 20 min AMRAMP done in partners 24 Air squats (12 each) 24 sit ups (12 each) 400

2/11/19 Tuesday!

E- Zombie Tag T- 8 med ball strict presses 6 Slam balls Open book 4 full rotations each side Lunge and reach x3 Push up hand walks X2 Band press x10 Band pull a parts x10 3 wall walks Skill: E- Ball Slams, Planks, wall walks T- Strict Press 4×6

2-9-19 Saturday!

Warm up: E- Ball tag T- jog/Shuffle/ bear crawl x 4 (dumbells to west rig) rig hip flexor stretch :30 sec each side Elbow 2 instep x4 each push up hand walks x 3 Rig lat stretch 5 each side 10 Ring rows Skills: E- med ball thrusters, box jumps,

2-7-19 Elementary / Teens

E- Tornado Tag T- Echo Bike Skills: E- Bear crawl, agility ladder, Ring rows T- Push ups, Alternating Med-ball shots, bike Wourkout: E- 10m AMRAP of Bear Crawls, 5 Ring Rows, Agility ladder (2 feet in, 2 feet out every square) T- 15m Partner AMRAP 10 Push-ups, 20 alternating wall-ball

Tuesday 2.5.19

warm e Pizza boxes T: Relay races then… 10 kb deadlifts 10 kb front squats x 2 10 kb Russian swings Banded hamstring stretch :30 ea E2I rotate 3x each Push up handwalks x3 Lateral  lunge x2 Double band lat stretch skill e Jumping bar muscle ups/ push ups/ air

Thursday 1.31.19

warm e skill ladder drills t jog, side shuffle, high knees, pocket kickers, 3:00, wall hip stretch and reach x :30 ea, lunge/reach/elbow to instep x 2 ea, plank to side plank x 3, burpee high jump x 3 skill e dumbell snatch, forward rolls work e 6 dumbell snatch,

Tuesday 1.29.19

warm e clean out the yard t ball over the fence, elbow to instep hold x :30 ea (3 different angles), lateral lunge and reach x 3 ea, lunge forward and backward x 3 ea, push-up handwalk x 2, squat jump x 2 skill e  Box (plate) jumps, skin the

Saturday 1.26.19

warm e t – row 1:00 easy, 10 ball slams, row :30 faster, 8 medball front squats, row :15 fast, 6 medball thrusters splits stretch and reach x :30 ea, push-up handwalk x 3, elbow to instep x 2 (ea) ring row and hold for 5 seconds. skill e bar

Thursday 1.24.19

warm e plank wars t bike/ski 5 cal, 5 strict burpees, 4, 4, 3, 3,…1, 1, then wall hip stretch x :30 ea, lat stretch x 4 ea, 5 cal sprint skill e  medball squats/push-ups t wall walks work e 5 medball squats, 10 jump rope, 5 push-ups 2 rounds 0f 4:00

Tuesday 1.22.19

warm e musical planks t 5 slow and controlled mb squats, 3 cal row 3:00 AMRAP, wall hip stretch x :30 ea, rig lat stretch x 5 ea, rig rack stretch x 5 ea, 5 mb, lunge/reach/elbow to instep/hamstring x 2 ea, 5 mb deadlift, 5 mb clean skill e

Saturday 1.19.19

warm e ball tag t skill ladder, :30 hip stretch ea, push-up handwalk/opposite arm & leg raise 3x, lunge/reach/elbow ton instep x 2 ea, 5 reverse shrugs, burpee high jump x 3 skill e sled pushes t rope climbs, ring work work e obstacle course t 1:00 burpees, 1 min

Thursday 1.17.19

warm e parking lot tag t row for 1:00, 5 slow and controlled squats, wall hip stretch x :30 ea, alternating lat stretch x 5 ea, :30 row (faster) 3 squat jumps skill e jump rope/jumping muscle-ups/skill ladder work e 8:00 AMRAP of 3 burpee, 5 jumping muscle ups, 7

Tuesday 1.15.19

Warm e plank ball t run down and back, 5 kb dl, backwards run down and back, 4 kb dl, side shuffle down and back, 5 kb dl, banded hamstring stretch x :30 ea, lunge/reach/elbow to instep x 2 each, squat jump x 3 Skill e monkey hangs/db front squat

Saturday 1.12.19

Warm e clean out the yard t bike 1:00/row 1:00, 25 jumping jacks, switch cardio 1:00 bike/1:00 row, then, splits stretch and reach x :30 each, lat stretch x 3 ea,  lateral lunge x 2 each, 5 ring rows skill e me dball squat clean t ski erg technique ,

Thursday 1.10.19

Warm e  CrossFit Baseball (1 forward roll, 2 squat, 3 ball slam, 4 jumping jack) t 6 slow and controlled squats, 8 ball slams, 10 shoulder taps, wall hip stretch x :30 ea, push-up handwalk x 2, elbow to instep x 2, 3 squat thrusters Skill e wall balls (over

Tuesday 1.7.19

Warm E squat buckets T 4 down and back, 3 backward run, 3 side shuffle, 1 Carioca , then Wall hip stretch x :30 ea, lateral lunge and reach x 2 each, lunge/reach/elbow to instep x 2 each, 1 Wall walkÖ Skill E up and over/jump rope/cartwheels and forward rolls

Saturday 1.5.19

Warm E – Pass the Plate (Relays with odd objects) T – Pass the Plate (Relays with odd objects) Then…150 M row, 5 mb presses, banded shoulder stretch, banded lat stretch,  lunge/reach/elbow to instep x 3 ea, lateral lunge/reach x 2 ea, push-up handwalk x 2, burpee/squat clean/thruster/throw x 3 Skill