Tuesday 12.12.17

Warm up E: Hungry Hungry Hippos T: jog (down and back) 40 arm circles shuffle (down and back) elbow to instep (halfway across) carioca (down and back) push up hand walk (halfway) run (down and back) KB Front squat hold :30 (push knees out with elbows) Splits stretch :30 each side

Saturday 12.09.17

Warm up: E: Tic Tac Toe T: 3x Through 5 perfect squats 30 seconds in the bottom of the squat 5 jumping squats 10 walking Spiderman elbow to instep 5 perfect push-ups 100-meter run (down-back X2)   Skill: E: Air Squat Heel Balance Drill-Stand with toes hanging off a plate. Perform an air

Thursday 12.07.17

Warm Up E: Inch Worm Relay T: Mixed Tabata (3X Through) Air Squats Banded Good Mornings Sit ups Front/Back OR Side/Side hops (mix it up)   Skill E: Rotational Throw (practice step and throw) T: Pistol Squats Athletes will follow one or more of the following progressions: -Rolling squat/pistol progression -Ab mat progression

Tuesday 12.05.17

Warm Up: E: Farmers vs. Lumberjacks T: 3 Rds. Mixed Tabata -PVC Overhead Squats -Hollow Holds -Jump Rope   Skill:  kE: Headstands and Wall Kick ups/Wall Walks T: Overhead Squat (5X3)   Workout:  E: (2-3 times through) 2:00 work/:45-1:00 rest 5 pull ups Box push across floor 5 ball slams Box push across

Saturday 12.02.17

Warm Up  E: Musical Medicine Ball T: :45 work/:15 transition time Plank hold Side to side hops Sit ups Push ups Squat jumps Then… Banded hip stretch on rig (:30 each side – coach will time this) Lat Stretch on rig (4 reps each side) :15 bar hang   Skill

Tuesday 11.27.17

Warm-Up E – Bar Wars T – Foam Roller War, Wall hip stretch x :30, Rig lat stretch x 10 ea, Lunge/reach/elbow to instep/hamstring x 4 each, Burpee broad jump x 4 Skill Pull-Ups Teens – Every 90 secs for 5 rounds  perform 3-5 strict pull -ups. Work E –

Tuesday 11.21.17

Warm-Up E – Squat Potato T – 100 M Row, 10 walking lunges x 2, wall hip stretch x :45 ea., Lunge/Reach/Elbow to Instep/Hamstring x 4 each, Row 100 M – SPRINT!!! Skill E – Dumbell DSDS T – Rowing Technique Work E – 5 DB Cleans, 7/10 SU jump ropes, 9/15

Saturday 11.18.17

Warm-Up E – CrossFit Baseball T – Over over the fence – wall hip stretch x :45 ea., lat stretch x 10 alternating, spiderman/lunge/reach/elbow to instep/hamstring x 4 ea. 5 mb thruster/slams Assistance – Band pull downs x 25 Skill E – Dumbell DSDS T – Bear Complex Work E –

Tuesday 11.14.17

Warm-Up E – Junk in my yard T – Partner med-ball sit-ups x 20, 10 reverse lunge steps, rig squat stretch and contract, push-up handwalk/spiderman lunge and reach x 3, squat and max height jump x 2 Skill E – Jump the Tower/Max height Box Jump T – Max height

Saturday 11.11.15

Warm-Up E – Partner side shuffle shuttle T – 3x or 5:00 25 jumping jacks => 3 cartwheels => 50 meter bear crawl, Handstand hold/attempt => forward roll => alligator crawl 10 one-legged hops, each leg => 10 blocked squats 50-meter carioca => 50-meter back pedal Skill E – DSDS (Dip-Shrug-Drop-Stand)

Thursday 11.9.17

Warm-Up E – Wheel Barrow relays T – 2:00 AMRAP of 3 ball slams, 6 slow and controlled squats, :30 splits stretch ea, spiderman lunge/reach/elbow to instep/hamstring x 3 ea. Skill E – Wall Walk Holds T – :30 Weighted Plank holds x 2 sets Work E – 7:00 AMRAP

Tuesday 11.7.17

Warm-up E – Trash in my yard T – 3:00 AMRAP of 5 MB Squat Clean, 5 MB Press, 10 MB Plank taps, Wall hip stretch x :30 ea, lunge/reach/elbow to instep x 4, push-up handwalk x 3, KB front Squat x 2 (hold bottom for :10) Skill E  –

Saturday 11.4.17

Warm-up E – Jump Rope Drop – When the music stops, the persons to drop their rope last have a 2 burpee penalty! T – 3:00 AMRAP o of bike 5 cal, 5 perfect air squats, 10 single-unders (each round increase the speed a little bit) Then: Splits stretch x

Thursday 11.2.17

Warm-Up E-Squat and Hold T-3:00 amrap of 5 ball slam 10 mountain climbers 15 jumping jacks elbow to instep hold :30 ea, alternating rig stretch x 5 ea, lateral lunge and reach x 4 ea, kB/dB front squat x 3, 2 wall walk and hold for 7-10 seconds. Skill E-Sled

Thursday 10.26.17

Warm-up  E: Snatch the Cone T: Partner Warm-up – Row 800M, Switch every 100M. While one partner rows, the other does Air Squats Calf stretch on wall Hip Stretch on wall Push up hand walk x4 Elbow to instep X4 Skill  E: Wall Walks and Air Squats T: DB Push Press Workout E:

Tuesday 10.24.17

Warm up E: Hungry Hungry Hippos T: Rig to Rig (Jog, Bear Crawl, Jog, Carioca, Jog, Long Jump) Push up Hand Walk (across room) Double Band Lat Stretch 20 PVC Pass throughs 5 Rolling Toe touches 2 Burpee High Jumps   Skill E: KB Swings/Wall Ball T: Snatch   Workout  E: 3:00

Saturday 10.21.17

Warm Up  E: Everybody is “It” (If you get tagged, drop and do 2 burpees) T: 3 rounds 7x Burpees 10x Knees to elbows 15x Squats 30x Mountain climbers **Overhead stretching** Skill  Clean and Jerk Workout “Grace” For Time (6:00 cut off) 30 Clean and Jerks   Game  Kickball

Thursday 10.19.17

Warm Up E: Snatch the Cone T: PVC Pass THEN…. 3Rds of- 20 jumping jacks 5 perfect squats 5 lunge and reach + elbow to instep   Skill E: Clean and Jerk T: KB Deadlift   Workout E: Grace – 30 Clean and Jerk (w/med ball or bar) T: 20:00