Tuesday 11.19.19

elementary warm-up: zombie tag skill: cartwheels/somersaults Db cleans Workout: 5 Db cleans 5 PU 1 cartwheel 6 min AMRAP game: Pizza boxes Teens Skill: Snatch complex 1 high hang snatch 1 above knee 1 below knee 1 power snatch 1 set every 2 min for 10 min challenge: hollow holds

Saturday 11.16.19

ELEMENTARY: Warm up: Musical med balls Skill: wall balls bar muscle ups Workout: 4 wall balls 25m bear crawl 4 bar muscle ups Game: Zombie tag TEENS: Skill: 3 rep power cleans @ 75% every 2 min for 10 min Workout: cardio madness 500 m Ski (3 min cap )


elementary warm up: burpee basketball skill: DB deadlift wall walks workout: 3 wall walks 6 db deadlift 9 jump rope game: gladiator  ball teens: 20 jump rope slam ball deadlift x10 slam ball slams x6 20 jump rope banded goodmorning x 10 banded OH squats x8 E2Ix 4 PU handwalks

Tuesday 11.12.19

ELEMENTARY: Warm up: Freeze tag Skills: box sleds ball slams Workout: 5 burpees 1 sled push 5 ball slams 7 min Game: Cone blaster TEENS: Warm up: jog down and back x2 shuffle step down and back spiderman 25m push up handwalks 25m E2I hold x3 bar hang :20 wall

Saturday 11.9.19

ELEMENTARY: WARM UP: Move the pile relay races SKILL: Jump the tower ( stack ab mats to see how high it can get before they can no longer get over the tower) Mb walking lunges (holding mb at chest level) WORKOUT: 8 min Amrap 5 ring rows 25m mb lunge

Thursday 11.7.19

ELEMENTARY Warm up: Snatch! Skills: DB presses Ring rows Workout: 4 DB presses 6 Sit ups 8 Ring rows 8 min AMRAP Game: Soccer shootout! TEENS: Warm-up: 300m row Wall hip stretch :30 E2I (in place) x2 each leg 200m row Floor lat stretch x3 each side Floor chest stretch

Tuesday 11.5.19

ELEMENTARY: WARM-UP: Thief SKILL: PVC OH squats Jumping C2B WORKOUT: 5 OH squats 5 Box overs 5 C2B 8 min AMRAP GAME: Kickball TEENS: WARM-UP: 20 jumping Jack’s 10 squats 10 jumping Jack’s 5 jumping squats Rig hipflexor stretch E2I x 4 PHW x 3 toe grab squat stretch x5

Saturday 11.2.19

ELEMENTARY Warm Up: Ball tag Skills:  Med ball squat clean thrusters DB step ups Workout: Mini 20.4!!! 10 plate jumps 5  MB cleans 10 plate jumps 5  MB cleans 10 plate jumps 5 med ball cleans 10 squats 5 mb push presses 10 squats 5 mb push presses 10 squats

Saturday 10.26.19

Warm E – Ball Tag T – 2:00 Row, 20 arms everywhere, 1:30 Row, 10 high kicks, 1:00 Row, :30 active hip stretch ea, floor lat stretch x 10, Backwards hurdle stretch/Reach/Elbow to instep/hamstring stretch x 4 ea, Push-up Handwalk x 3, Burpee long jump x 2 Skill E Knee

Thursday 10.24.19

Warm E – Burpee Basketball T – :30 slow and controlled squats, :30 rest, :30 strict burpees, :30 rest, :30 MB Press, :30 rest. (can pair kids to share balls) 3 rounds Then, wall hip stretch x :30 ea, floor lat stretch x 5, elbow to instep holds x :10 ea

Tuesday 10.22.19

Warm E – “Fishing” T – 5 rounds of “row”ling, then 50 arm hugs, “I”, “Y”, “T”, “M”, rig lat stretch x 5 ea, elbow to instep x 3 ea, 1 wall walk Skill E – Rowing/Wall Walks T – Row technique Work E – 3 cal row, 1 wall

Saturday 10.19.19

Warm-Up E-Tabata jump rope (first 20 seconds, rest 10), squats (second 20 seconds, rest 10) slow burpees (third 20 seconds, rest 10) walking lunges (fourth 20 seconds, rest 10) Repeat 1-2 times. T 1:30 row  10 mb dl, 1:00 row, 10 lunge and reach, :30 row, 10 ball slam, active

Thursday 10.17.19

Warm E – Steal T – Tabata run, then active hip stretch x :30 ea, cow/cat stretch x 5 ea, floor lat stretch x 5 ea, hurdle backwards lunge/elbow to instep/rock back and hamstring stretch x 4, 3 strict burpees, 2 burpee ball slams Skill E hollow holds – all

Tuesday 10.15.19

Warm E Hoarders – (gather as much “stuff” on your side as possible T Dumpster run, medball press x 10, backwards run blacktop and back, jumping jacks x 20, side shuffle blacktop and back, elbow to instep holds x :30 ea, toehold squats x 5, then medball dip – stand –

Saturday 10.12.19

Warm E Sharks Vs Minnows T Dumpster run, 10 mb squat, 100 m run, 10 mb press, run blacktop and back, splits stretch x :30 ea, floor lat stretch x 5 ea., toe grab squat stretch x 5, push-up handwalk/opposite hand to toe/elbow to instep/hamstring x 3 ea., 10 mb

Tuesday 10.8.19

Warm E Dumpster run, kb dl x 10, backwards run blacktop and back, high kick x 10, side shuffle blacktop and back, elbow to instep holds x :30 ea, toehold squats x 5, then barbell good mornings x 10 T – Musical Medicine ball Skill E Wall Walk/Cartwheel/Plank holds for

Saturday 10.5.19

Warm E Burpee Basketball T 4:00 AMRAP Row 3/5 Cal, 10 light medball press, Splits stretch x :30 ea, rig chest stretch x :30, alternating lat stretch x 5 ea, Push-Up handwalk/elbow to instep/hamstring/opposite hand & toe reach x 3, Lateral lunge and reach x 3 ea, 5 cal sprint,