Tuesday 3.5.19

warm e CrossFit Baseball t 8 ball slams, 6 mb squats, 4 mb reverse lunge. Splits stretch x :30 ea, lunge/reach/elbow to instep (3 positions) x 3, duckwalk toe touches x 4 ea, 5 mb squat jumps skill e dumbbell push press/ring rows t Deadlift: Every 3 minutes perform the

Saturday 3.2.19

warm e relay races t 2:00 bike/row, 1o alt lat stretch, bar hang :30, 1:00 jump rope (fast) , 8 db front squat, 6 lunge/reach/elbow to instep, 4 push-up handwalk, :20 knee raise hold skill e db front squat, knee raises/bar work, jump ropes t Squat clean work e 8:00

3/2/19 Saturday!!

E– relay races T- 10 med ball cleans 8 med ball squats Open book stretch 4 pass throughs each arm Rig hip flexor stretch 1 m each side Lunge and reach x3 Squat stretch + rotate x 4  Double banded  lat stretch x 5 Banded front rack stretch  5 med

Thursday 2/28/19

E- Pizza boxes  T–10 cal bike, wall hip stretch 1m, knee to chest lateral lunge, 10 cal bike, wall calf stretch, walking lunging from bikes to garage and back, 10 call bike, 20 sec plank, 20 sec side bridge Skills E–DB cleans, ball slams, wall walks T- plank over view

2/26/19 Tuesday!!

E: Clean your yard T: 10 KB deadlifts 10 KB squats  10 KB russian swings lunge and reach push up handwalk (HOLD AT TOP) Bar hang:20 sec Clock walks (In a push up position walk 180 twice) wall push ups 4 broad jumps   Skills: E: DB kettle swings, push ups,

Thursday 2/21/19

Warm up: E- Pizza Boxes T- 1:00 Min row wall hip stretch Push up handwalks (in place) :30 sec row (Faster pace) Ground lat stretch “Karate chop” E2I 3 position’s 15: (ALL OUT!) :30 PLANK 15: each side bridge  Skills: E- DB push press/sit ups T- overview of partner Russian

Tuesday 2/19/19

Elementary: Warm up:  pizza boxes Skills: db push press, jump rope, ring rows Workout: 3 ring rows , 6 DB presses, 9 jump ropes   Teens: Warm up: Jog/skip/shuffle/run x2 each Kettlebell deadlifts x10 Kettlebell swings x8 Kettlebell squats x 6 Wall hip stretch: 30 Push up handwalks Lunge and

2-14-19 Thursday!

E- Burpee Ball T- Rowling Skills: E- Ring Rows, Weighted lunges, Sit ups Workout: E-  8 min: 5 Ring Rows -> Weighted Lunges-> 5 sit ups (Then done in reverse going back) T- 20 min AMRAMP done in partners 24 Air squats (12 each) 24 sit ups (12 each) 400

2/11/19 Tuesday!

E- Zombie Tag T- 8 med ball strict presses 6 Slam balls Open book 4 full rotations each side Lunge and reach x3 Push up hand walks X2 Band press x10 Band pull a parts x10 3 wall walks Skill: E- Ball Slams, Planks, wall walks T- Strict Press 4×6

2-9-19 Saturday!

Warm up: E- Ball tag T- jog/Shuffle/ bear crawl x 4 (dumbells to west rig) rig hip flexor stretch :30 sec each side Elbow 2 instep x4 each push up hand walks x 3 Rig lat stretch 5 each side 10 Ring rows Skills: E- med ball thrusters, box jumps,

2-7-19 Elementary / Teens

E- Tornado Tag T- Echo Bike Skills: E- Bear crawl, agility ladder, Ring rows T- Push ups, Alternating Med-ball shots, bike Wourkout: E- 10m AMRAP of Bear Crawls, 5 Ring Rows, Agility ladder (2 feet in, 2 feet out every square) T- 15m Partner AMRAP 10 Push-ups, 20 alternating wall-ball

Tuesday 2.5.19

warm e Pizza boxes T: Relay races then… 10 kb deadlifts 10 kb front squats x 2 10 kb Russian swings Banded hamstring stretch :30 ea E2I rotate 3x each Push up handwalks x3 Lateral  lunge x2 Double band lat stretch skill e Jumping bar muscle ups/ push ups/ air

Thursday 1.31.19

warm e skill ladder drills t jog, side shuffle, high knees, pocket kickers, 3:00, wall hip stretch and reach x :30 ea, lunge/reach/elbow to instep x 2 ea, plank to side plank x 3, burpee high jump x 3 skill e dumbell snatch, forward rolls work e 6 dumbell snatch,

Tuesday 1.29.19

warm e clean out the yard t ball over the fence, elbow to instep hold x :30 ea (3 different angles), lateral lunge and reach x 3 ea, lunge forward and backward x 3 ea, push-up handwalk x 2, squat jump x 2 skill e  Box (plate) jumps, skin the

Saturday 1.26.19

warm e t – row 1:00 easy, 10 ball slams, row :30 faster, 8 medball front squats, row :15 fast, 6 medball thrusters splits stretch and reach x :30 ea, push-up handwalk x 3, elbow to instep x 2 (ea) ring row and hold for 5 seconds. skill e bar

Thursday 1.24.19

warm e plank wars t bike/ski 5 cal, 5 strict burpees, 4, 4, 3, 3,…1, 1, then wall hip stretch x :30 ea, lat stretch x 4 ea, 5 cal sprint skill e  medball squats/push-ups t wall walks work e 5 medball squats, 10 jump rope, 5 push-ups 2 rounds 0f 4:00

Tuesday 1.22.19

warm e musical planks t 5 slow and controlled mb squats, 3 cal row 3:00 AMRAP, wall hip stretch x :30 ea, rig lat stretch x 5 ea, rig rack stretch x 5 ea, 5 mb, lunge/reach/elbow to instep/hamstring x 2 ea, 5 mb deadlift, 5 mb clean skill e

Saturday 1.19.19

warm e ball tag t skill ladder, :30 hip stretch ea, push-up handwalk/opposite arm & leg raise 3x, lunge/reach/elbow ton instep x 2 ea, 5 reverse shrugs, burpee high jump x 3 skill e sled pushes t rope climbs, ring work work e obstacle course t 1:00 burpees, 1 min