Thursday 6.28.18

Warm up E: Foam roller bowling T: 100m run shuffle to blacktop, carioca back to start alt. lateral lunge and reach 25′ splits stretch x :30 each side elbow to instep + hamstring x 25′ overhead hand walk x 25′   Skill E: Sled pushes (with boxes) T: Backward Med Ball Granny Toss for

Tuesday 6.26.18

Warm up  E: 3:00 AMRAP Agility ladder Forward roll/Cartwheel Over the boxes Zig zag cones T: Farmers vs. Lumberjacks THEN… banded hamstring stretch on rig (face away from the rig) x 8-10 each side (dynamic-hold for 2 sec, keep flat back) Elbow to instep x 6 push up hand walk x 4

Saturday 6.23.18

Warm up E: Hungry Hungry Hippos T: Hungry Hungry Hippos THEN… Dumpster run, 5 SLOW air squats, cone to cone high skips, 5 tuck jumps, 10 superman holds (hold for 2 seconds then reset), :15 hollow body hold, :15 bar hang, lat stretch on  rig    Skill  E: DB snatch, jumping and landing T:

Thursday 6.21.18

Warm up E:  Plank Ball – Athletes will plank in a circle. They pass a medicine ball by hitting it with one hand while maintaining the plank. (Variations include a musical version where whoever is last touching the ball when the music stops goes to the center of the circle

Tuesday 6.19.18

Warm up E: Farmers vs. Lumberjacks T: Shuffle 2x (down and back) 5 med ball slams carioca 2x (down and back) 5 med ball front squats run 2x (down and back) elbow to instep x 4 steps total push up hand walk x 4 med ball throws x 2   Skill 

Saturday 6.16.18

Warm up  E: Switch (run, skip, bear crawl, carioca, duck walk, crab walk, etc) T: Tornado Tag THEN…. overhead hand walk with arm/leg raise x 4 open book stretch x 5 ea side wall walk x 2 (hold for :05) lat stretch on rig x 4 ea side ankle stretch w/ PVC  

Thursday 6.14.18

Warm up E: Bar wars T: PVC Pass THEN… 20 high knee skips Banded hip flexor stretch on the rig push up hand walk x 4 chest/shoulder stretch on floor :20-:30 each side   Skill  E: Overhead Plate Relay-Hold a 10-15 lb plate locked out overhead and walk around the cone, relay style.

Tuesday 6.12.18

Warm up E: Med Ball Basket Toss  T: Junkyard Dog (10 reps of each) Skill  E: KB Deadlifts/Headstands T: Clean and Jerk Workout E: 6:00-9:00 AMRAP 5 air squats 1 rope climb OR swing (or hold) 5 KB deadlifts T: 7:00  time cut off Perform 5 rounds of the following: 100m Row   

Saturday 6.9.18

Warm up E: Pizza Box Game T: Tic Tac Toe Then… 20 jumping jacks 10 arm circles Hamstring stretch w/band on rig (10 reps each side) Hip stretch w/band on the rig (:30 each side) 10 rolling toe touches 4 hand walks (no push up, hold hamstring stretch at the end)   Skill

Thursday 6.7.18

Warm-up E: 3 Rounds 20 sec Jump rope 20 sec Plank hold 20 sec Squats T: 1:00 bike Elbow to instep x 4 Push up hand walk x 4 :30 bike calf stretch :30 (each side) :15 bar hang 20 side to side hops 20 forward/back hops   Skill E: Heel Balance Drill: Standing

Tuesday 6.5.18

Warm up E: Farmers vs. Lumberjacks T: Alternating Tabata of: Overhead Squats w/ PVC Jump Rope Rolling Toe Touches THEN…Ankle Stretch w/ PVC PVC Pass-throughs   Skill  E: Long Jump T: Overhead Squat Workout E: 7:00-8:00 AMRAP Cone run 3 Toes to Bar 6 Ball Slams 9 Jump Rope T: 12:00 cut off 3-6-9-12-9-6-3

Saturday 6.2.18

Warm-up E: Alternating Tabata of: Air Squats Jump Rope Bar Hang T:  Med Ball Warm Up 10 each -Overhead Throw -Chest Pass -Lateral Toss -Granny Toss -Medball clean and throw -Backwards overhead toss   Skill  E: wall kick ups/holds and forward roll (try to stand up without using your hands) T: (1) Hang

Tuesday 5.28.18

warm-up e hungry hungry hippos t 100 row, 20 arms everywhere, wall hip stretch, rig upper-thoracic stretch, push-up handwalk/Spider-Man lunge/elbow to instep/hamstring x 25’, wall walk/kick-up and hold x 2, burpee broad jump x 3 skill e medball power clean t power snatch work e 6:00 5 mb power clean,

Saturday 5.26.18

warm-up e burpee basketball t 30 arms everywhere, hydro shuffle, wall hip stretch, alternating lat stretch x 10, lunge/reach/elbow to instep/hamstring x 20 ft, push-up handwalk x 20 ft,  nedball power clean x 10 skill e db power clean t bench press 5×5 work e 4 db power cleans, 6

Thursday 5.24.18

warmup e burpee basketball t 6 up and down the hill, rig squat stretch x :30, 10 alternating lat stretch, lunge/reach/elbow to instep/ hamstring x 4 each, 10 walking lunges, 8 thruster ball slam skill e db snatch/db squat t kb swing work e min 1: 10 kb front squat,

Tuesday 5.22.18

warmup e reverse clean out the yard t run 200 m, push-up handwalk x ‘20, run 100 m lateral lunge x ‘20, run blacktop and back, lunge reach elbow to instep x ‘20, ring row x 5, broad jump x 4, kb squat x 3, burpee pull-up x 2 skill

Saturday 5.19.18

warmup e musical medicine ball t 100 m row/75 m ski, 10 kb dl, splits stretch x :45 ea,  4 kb/db lateral lunges, 4 kb/db backward lunges, lunge/reach/elbow to instep/reach/hamstring x 25′, backwards sequence x ’25, 3 x burpee over your kb/db skill e kb/db deadlift t deadlift technique, 10×1,

Thursday 5.17.18

warmup e  3:00 over the wall t 4:00 AMRAP of 3 medball press, 6 easy ring rows , 9 double-unders (18 single unders), rig squat stretch x:20, 30 arms everywhere, 10 alternating lat stretch, lunge/reach/elbow to instep/rotate x 3 ea, 5 slam skill e overhead walking lunge work e Squat

Tuesday 5.15.18

warmup e 5 ring row, 6 jump rope, 7 jumping jack 3:00 t 100 m run, blacktop shuffle, blacktop carioca, wall hip stretch :30, lateral lunge and reach x 3 ea, backwards hurdle/lunge/elbow to instep/hamstring x 4 ea, slam ball clean x 3 skill e 1 legged box squats t