Saturday 4.5.18

Warm-Up E – Ball Tag T – 100 M run, 10 partner medball tosses x 2, splits stretch x :45 each, alt lat stretch x 10, push-up handwalk/lunge/reach/elbow to instep x 3, ring row x 5, jumping pull-up x 2 Skill E – push-ups, ring rows T – hollow hold

Thursday 4.3.18

Warm-up E – 5:00 AMRAP 2 squats, skill ladder, 2 slams T – 5:00 AMRAP 5 squats,  reverse shrugs, 3 thruster, 2 burpees, 1 hill run Skill E – mb thruster Work E – 7:00 amrap of 1 Wall walk, 2 thrusters, 3 burpees, 4 sit-ups, 5 tuck jumps T

Tuesday 5.1.18

Warmup E Tic Tac Toe T dumpster run, 5 kb DL, banded hamstring, banded hip, backward lunge/reach/elbow to instep, lateral lunge and reach, 5 KB front squat, 3 squat and throws Skill E  push-ups/planks T Front Squat x 5 Work E 7:00 AMRAP of 2 jumping muscle ups, 4 push-ups, 6

Saturday 4.28.18

Warm up  E: Tic Tac Toe T: 3 X through 30 singles 10 air squats 5 push  ups (knees if needed) 2 wall walks THEN… scorpion stretch open book stretch x3 each side   Skill  E: Push ups/Planks T: Clean and Jerk (push) Work up to a heavy set of 2

Thursday 4.26.18

Warm up  E: Tabata Air squats Toe touches Jumping jacks Bear crawl T: 3:00 AMRAP 2 forward rolls zig zag back pedal bear crawl agility ladder   Skill E: Catching in motion Athletes will run through cones in a zig/zag pattern. Athletes need to keep their eyes on the coach. The coach

Tuesday 4.24.18

Warm-up E: Hungry Hungry Hippos T: 3:00 2 Handstand kick ups Bear crawl (rig to rig) 10 jumping jacks 10 one-legged side to side hops high knee skip (rig to rig) back pedal (rig to rig) THEN… Hip stretch on wall 30 band pull aparts (shoulders down, band tension the whole

Saturday 4.21.18

Warm up E: 1 Forward Roll + 1 Cartwheel –>broad jumps –>Agility Ladder –> Up/over boxes T: Tornado Tag THEN… Work overhead mobility -:20 bar hang (wrap thumbs around the bar) -Open book stretch X 3 each side -upper thoracic partner stretch on  med ball -wrist stretch on floor  

Thursday 4.19.18

Warm up  E: Indian Run T: PVC Pass Game Dumpster Run 30 jumping jacks 10 arm circles 100 m run 20 jumping jacks 10 arm circles Blacktop and back run 10 jumping jacks 10 arm circles   Skill  E: Forward roll to standing position/wall walk to forward roll   Workout E: 6:00-8:00 AMRAP

Tuesday 4.17.18

Warm up  E: 3:00-5:00 AMRAP 2 cartwheels, 3 long jumps, agility ladder, bear crawl, hoola hoop T: Mixed Tabata (3X through) Super Slow Squats Plank ups Lateral hops THEN… :20 Bar Hang Scorpion stretch (2X each side) PVC Pass through X15 PVC OH squat X5 Skill  E: Forward roll to standing position/wall

Saturday 4.14.18

Warm up E: Tic Tac Toe T: 3x or 5:00 10 squats => 30 seconds in the bottom of the squat => forward roll => 10 Spiderman lunges => 5 single-leg toe touches, each leg => 10 mountain climbers THEN…. hip stretch on  the wall (:30 each side)   Skill E: Farmer’s

Thursday 4.12.18

Warm up E: Indian Run (outside) last person has to pass the first person T: Farmers vs. Lumberjacks -Walk on toes w/ arms straight overhead (forward/backward) -Leg kicks (point toes) (forward/backward) -Kick forward/back/touch your toe (walk forward)   Skill E: Farmer’s Carry **work on monkey hangs between sets (not too many sets

Tuesday 4.10.18

Warm up  E: Ball Tag T: 1:00 jump rope 8 med ball thrusters hip stretch w/ black band overhead hand walk (hold 5 sec) X 4   Skill E: cartwheels/forward rolls/headstands T: Deadlift 50% X5 60% X3 70% X2 3 Work sets 75% X5 (drop  all sets from the top)   Workout E: 2:00 AMRAP/1:00

Saturday 4.7.18

Warm up: E: Musical Medicine Ball T: Tic Tac Toe THEN… 15/10/5 of each movement:          Jumping Jacks          Ball Slams          Toe Touches          Arm Circles Plank hold (in seconds)   Skill: E: Jump the tower and wall walk  holds   Workout: E: 8:00 AMRAP 1 rope climb/swing 3 burpees 5 squats T: 25:00 AMRAP Team Workout 50

Thursday 4.5.18

Warm up: E: Tornado Tag T: Snatch the Cone THEN… 2X through: 10M Bear Crawl, 5 Air Squats, 10M Butt Kicks, 5 Air Squats, 10M High Knees, 5 Air Squats, 10 Leg swings each leg, 30 Second Toe touch hold   Skill:  E: Ring Rows (using one ring, overhand grip)/Ring Dip Holds/Skin the

Tuesday 4.3.18

Warm up: E: Snatch the Cone T: Jog down/back X4 1:00 Plank 1:00 Jump Rope 1:00 Squats :30 Ball Slams :30 Med Ball Press   Skill E: Stop, Drop and Roll: Create a large circle or oval of cones and have athletes spread out in the plank position facing the cones.  On 3-2-1 Go,

Saturday 3.31.18

Warm Up  E: Farmers vs. Lumberjacks T:  2 min easy pace row (or jog or bike) 10x Rolling toe touch THEN… 2X through 25 ft Lateral Lunge 25 ft Lunge and Reach 10 Air Squats 25 ft Bear Crawl 25 ft Broad Jump 10 Arm Circles   Skill: E: Rope climbs/holds and wall

Thursday 3.29.18

Warm Up E: Animal Races T: 10 Squats—> Lunge Walk (cone to cone) 10 Push Ups—> Inch Worm (cone to cone) 10 Tuck Jumps—> Broad Jump (cone to cone) 10 Sit Ups—> Spiderman Stretch (cone to cone)   Skill E: Heel Balance Drill: Standing with ankles outside a light KB and toes hanging

Tuesday 3.27.18

warm-up e plank tag t 30 su’s, 5 dball Press, 20 su’s, 5 dball Press, 10 du’s, rig squat stretch, alternating lat stretch, partner upper thoracic stretch, 3 open notebook each side, push-up handwalk/Spider-Man lunge/reach/elbow to instep/reach/hamstring x 3 each, dball walking overhead lunge x 6 steps, dip and throw

Saturday 3.24.18

Warm-Up e Switch! t Bike 1:00, 30 jumping jacks, 5 ball slams, bike :30, 15 jumping jacks, 5 slams, splits stretch + lat stretch x :30 ea, DB Squat holds x :30, DB front squat x 5, push-up handwalk/lunge/reach/elbow to instep/hamstring/squat and stand, DB thruster x 5, :30 bike sprint Skill

Thursday 3.22.18

Warm-Up e Wall Ball t 1:00 jump rope, 10 slams, :30 jump rope, 5 slams, splits stretch and reach, push-up handwalk/lunge/reach/e2i/hamstring/squat and stand x 3, ring row x 10, 3 dip and toss. Skill e Skill Ladder Work e In partners, 12:00 AMRAP of 3 burpees over the abmat (ea)