Saturday 2.8.20

Warm E Clean out the yard Skill E Heavy object carry (single arm farmer, plate, med ball), wall walk holds (5-10 seconds) T Back squat 10×5 every 2:30 Work E 3 burpee box-overs, 5 ball slams, 7 sit-ups T Sumo DL High Pulls (35 or empty bar/55#) Lateral Burpees over Barbell/kettle

Thursday 2.6.20

Warm E Tabata Squats/jumping lunges/jumping jacks/plank hold (4:00 total warm-up) T Tabata Squats/jumping lunges/jumping jacks/plank hold (4:00 total) then general warm-up and stretch. Skill E Wall Ball/Box step-up T Hollow Hold :20 hold/:40 rest x 5 Work E tabata wall ball/box step-ups (8:00 total) Group 1 starts on wall balls, group

Tuesday 2.4.20

Warm CrossFit Baseball Skill E DB Clean/Rope Climb/Jumping & Landing T Push Press/Push Press/Push Jerk Work E 8:00 AMRAP of 5 DB Clean, 10 Jump Rope, 1 Rope Climb T 1 Push Press, 2 Push Press, 3 Push Jerk, then Jump rope practice, Rope practice, Ring practice in between sets

Tuesday 1.21.20

ELEMENTARY Warm up ultimate ball toss Skills: MB Lunges agility  ladder Workout: 25′ MB lunges 5 staraight leg sit ups agility  ladder 5 push ups (back to the top) Game: pizza boxes TEENS: Warm up:  Hydro shuffle seated MB OH press x 10 double banded lat stretch 1 min seated

Saturday 1.18.20

ELEMENTARY: Warm up: Thief Skill: somersaults/cartwheels Db snatch Workout: 4 burpees 1 somersault 6 Db snatches 1 cartwheel 10 Jump rope Game: Cone blaster TEENS Warm up: run x2 10 Mb deadlifts 8 Mb cleans 6Mb squats backpedal x2 (repeat section twice) ⬆️ then… rig squat stretch  1 min bar

Thursday 1.16.20

ELEMENTARY: Warm up: Tabata 20 w 10 R Air squats Ab Bridge Jumping Jack’s lunges in place Skill: DB step ups wall walks/kick ups Workout: Tabata 30w 30 R Db Step ups wall walks Ball slams 8 min Game: Relay races TEENS Warm up: Hydro shuffle.. med ball thoracic stretch

Saturday 1.11.20

ELEMENTARY: Warm-up: Ball Tag Skills: Monkey hangs Db Cleans Workout: 5 db cleans 1 sled push 5 C2B pull ups Game: Dodgeball TEENS: Warm-up: hydro shuffle Skills: Dead lift 5 min work up to challenging set of 5 5 work sets of 5 1 set every 2 min Workout: Hopkins

Thursday 1.9.20

ELEMENTARY: Warm-Up: Team relays Skill: wall balls Db/KB deadlift Workout: 3 station ms 30w/20R wall balls Db/Kb dead lift wall walks 6 rds Game: wall ball TEENS: Skill: Power cleans work up to a semi-heavy weight for 3 reps. Workout: “Chief” Five 3 min AMRAP’s of 3 power cleans 6

Tuesday 1.7.20

ELEMENTARY: Warm up: Zombie Tag Skill: Strongman MB atlas pyramid + Box jumps for height Workout: EMOM for 8 min 10 ball slams + 5 Burpee plate jumps Game: Dodgeball TEENS: Warm-up: Hydro shuffle then.. Rig chest stretch :30 sec 10 plate squats E2I overhead handwalks bar hang :10 10

Thursday 1.2.20

Warm E Animal walks/crawls/hops down the turf + 5 jumping jacks Skill E Hollow hold/side bridge/plank (:20 hold/:10 rest x 3) summersaults/cartwheels, tripod holds T Hollow hold/side bridge/plank (:20 hold/:10 rest x 3), Hang power clean (work up to weight for workout) Work E Tabata MB Front Squat/burpee plate raises (switch

Saturday 12.28.19

Warm E Clean Out the Yard Skill E Front Squats (Loaded/unloaded)/Wall Walks/Cartwheels T Clean (time to work up to moderate load), HSPU (bear crawl/box) Work E 5 Front Squats (loaded/unloaded), 1 cartwheel, 2 wall walks (7:00 AMRAP) T 1000M Row/800 M Ski/1 M Bike, 3/5 power clean, 50 DU’s (100 SU’s),

Thursday 12.26.19

Warm E Agility Ladder + 5 jumping jacks at the end Skill E Squats T Walk through and familiarization all movements of workout Work E 10:00 Partner AMRAP 5 Partner 1 does 5 squats and 1 burpee while partner 2 holds a push-up position T 80 Partner Squats 60 Partner Empty

Saturday 12.21.19

Warm E Squat buckets T Coaches Discretion Skill E Box step-ups/Jump Rope T KB swings/Box step ups Work E Cardio, 5 loaded/unloaded box step-ups, 5 DB swings, 10 jump ropes 10:00 AMRAP T n groups of two perform: “Louis Modafferi” 800m Cardio (Shared… Run, Row or Ski(HS) 50 KB Box Step Ups (Each

Thursday 12.19.19

Warm E Agility ladder and 5 jumping jacks at the end T hydro shuffle – 10 jumping jacks every switch, then…floor lat stretch x 5 ea, elbow to instep holds x :30 ea, toe hold squat stretch x 4, bar hang x :15, wall walk hold x :15, mb squat

Tuesday 12.17.19

Warm E Burpee hogans alley T 30 jumping jacks, 8 mb press, 20 jumping jacks, 6 mb press, 10 pvc pass throughs, rig lat stretch x 5 ea, 3 reverse shrugs, 1 wall walk (halfway) Skill E skin the cat / db snatch T Press (from rack)/skin the cat/ring push-ups Work

Saturday 12.14.19

Warm E Four Corners T – 1:00 Bike/Row/Ski, 5 slow and controlled squats (focus on chest upright), :45 Bike/Row/Ski, 10 MB/KB DL, :30 Bike/Row/Ski, 10 slam balls, elbow to instep hold x :30 ea (different angles), Backwards hurdle lunge & Reach/Hamstring stretch, :15  Bike/Row/Ski Skill E – DB Front Squat/Jump Rope T Review

Thursday 12.12.19

Warm E Four Corners T Jumping jacks x 30, 5 slow and controlled kb squats, 20/4, 10/3, Elbow to instep holds x :30 ea, floor lat stretch x 5 ea, Lunge/reach/elbow to instep x 2 ea, Lateral lunge & reach x 2 ea, KB thruster x 5 wall walk & lateral