Thursday 8.29.19

ELEMENTARY: WARM UP: Move the pile: two teams, each team must move objects(plates, DB, MB) from the start of their line to the end before the other team. SKILLS: Jump the tower ( stack ab mats to see how high each athlete can get) “Wall walk ” along boxes (

Tuesday 8.27.19

ELEMENTARY: WARM UP: 3 rounds of tabata (W :20 R :10) split jumps air squats hops (side to side, front to back) jog rig to rig SKILLS: DB thruster knee 2 elbows handstand walks on box WORKOUT: Stations! 1 min work + 15 sec transition 1. DB thruster 2. Knee

Thursday 8.22.19

ELEMENTARY: WARM UP: Sharks and Minnows SKILLS: DB Deadlift Wall balls WORKOUT: 10 db deadlifts  5 burpee cone jumps ( burpee then jump over round cone) 10 wall balls GAME: Gladiator ball TEENS: WARM UP: med ball front squats x 10 med ball clean x 8 med ball slams x

Tuesday 8.20.19

ELEMENTARY: WARM UP : Thief! SKILL: Agility ladder PVC OH squats Ring row holds WORKOUT: 2 Agility ladders 4 PVC squats to a ball 6 Ring row holds 1 Db Farmer carry to cone and back GAME:  Open Gym TEENS: WARM UP: 100 m run active hip stretch:30 Lunge and

Saturday KIDS/TEENS!

KIDS- WARM-UP: clean the yard! Skill:  t2b / hillbilly sled pushes / WORKOUT: 5 T2B/ Knee raises 1 hillbilly sled push 5 push ups then go back in reverse order GAME:  Cone Blaster! Teens object relays (plates, KB’s, Med ballast) then.. Active hip stretch :30sec lunge and reach x 4

Thursday 8.15.19

ELEMENTARY: WARM UP: Burpee ball toss SKILLS: DB step ups Jumping chest 2 bar WORKOUT: 4 box climb overs 6 chest 2 bar 8 sit ups 10 step ups (little box or plates) GAME: Kids choice!! TEENS: WARM UP: 150 m row 10 med ball presses 8 med ball squats

Tuesday 8.13.19

ELEMENTARY: WARM UP: Musical Med Balls SKILL: DB cleans wall walks jump rope WORKOUT: 4 wall walks 6 DB cleans 10 jump rope GAME: Pizza boxes TEENS: WARM UP: Blacktop- Garage x2 Jog Skip Shuffle Backpedal 10 slam ball dead lifts 5 slam ball cleans then wall hip stretch :30

Saturday 8.10.19

KIDS WARM UP: ZOMBIE TAG SKIll: Granny toss  MB for distance 2 warm up attempts the 3 chances for best distance. somersaults/cartwheels WORKOUT: 8 wall balls Lunge walk cone to cone 8 Ring rows 1 cone run TEENS: WARM UP: Dumpster jog rig hip-flexor stretch :30 each E2I x 4

Thursday 8.8.19

ELEMENTARY:  Warm-up: Hungry Hungry hippos Skills: DB Deadlift Jump rope WORKOUT: 7-9 min AMRAP 8 burpee bar jumps 6 med ball thrusters 4 24″ box climb overs 2 agility ladders GAME: Open gym TEENS:  general neck/shoulder/hips/knees/ankles stretch ( ex. Neck rolls, arm circles/hip circles, etc.) 10 KB DL Wall hip

Tuesday 8.6.19

ELEMENTARY: WARM UP- Freeze tag SKILLS- Sled Pulls DB push press WORKOUT- Partner workout, Partner 1 pulls sled down to cone while partner 2 follows behind then partner 2 pulls back to garage 1 sled pull (per person) 5 push presses (per person) 10 Knee raises (per person) GAME- Kids’

Saturday 8.3.19

ELEMENTARY: WARM UP Thief! SKILLS: Rope climbs Wall walks/handstands WORKOUT: 3 WALL WALKS 5 ROPE CLIMBS 7 PUSH UPS 1 CONE RUN GAME: KICKBALL TEEN: WARM UP 5 med ball presses 5 med ball thrusters 100m run Kneeling hipflexor stretch 1m each side Push up handwalks x4 100m Double calf

Thursday 8.1.19

Elementary WARM UP – Tic Tac Toe SKILLS- Plate jumps for height, Review jumping form Start with #45 plate with mat on the other side and have kids jump and with every successful jump add a  10lb plate . WORKOUT- 6:00-8:00 AMRAP 4 Burpee plate jumps 6 Ring rows 8

Tuesday 7.30.19

Warm Up  E: Pizza Boxes!  T: Dumpster Run  Banded Rig Hip Stretch x :30 each side  Wrist stretch on floor (back and forth, circles, etc.)  Squat stretch on rig x :30 Stretch front rack position w/ PVC –hold bar in front rack position, push elbows up one at a time

Thursday 7.25.19

Warm Up  E: Sharks and Minnows T: Dumpster Run  Splits Stretch x :30ea DB Front Squat x 5  100m Run  Push Up Hand walk x 4 DB Push Press x 5  Blacktop and Back Run  Elbow to instep x4 3 Burpee + Vertical Jump    Skill E: Partner Press:Partners start

Tuesday 7.23.19

Warm Up  E: Rock Paper Scissors: Partners line up across from each other.  When the coach calls GO, both partners move to the center of the space using the designated movement.  Play Rock-Paper-Scissors. The person who loses the match performs 3 reps of an assigned movement and both partners return

Saturday 7.20.19

Warm Up  E: Musical Medicine Ball  T: Switch Run-skip  Shuffle-carioca  High knees-butt kicks  Backwards run-walking lunge  Bear crawl-crab walk THEN… Hip stretch on wall x:30 each side  Hand walk (no push up)  x 4 Lateral lunge x 4 Elbow to instep x 2  Skill E: Rope climbs/holds and Jump rope

Thursday 7.18.19

Warm Up  E: Tornado Tag  T: Mixed Tabata (:20 work/:10 rest)  (2-3 times through)  High knees (in place) Med Ball Press (Or use KB if coach decides)  Air squats   Med Ball Deadlift (Or use KB if coach decides)  THEN…. Hip stretch on floor (step out into lunge position–squeeze glute, pull

Tuesday 7.16.19

Warm Up  E: Freeze tag!  T:  Jog (down and back)  Shuffle (down and back)  Carioca (down and back)  Push up hand walk  x 4 Elbow to instep x 4 Toe touches x 10 PVC Pipe Practice (Do this together as a class with guidance and instruction from coach)   -PVC Pass

Saturday 7.13.19

Warm Up  E: Tic Tac Toe  T: Dumpster run  20 Jumping jacks  100m run  10 Jumping jacks  Blacktop and back run 5 Jumping jacks  Squat stretch on  rig x :30 hold  Lunge and Reach x 4  Elbow to instep x 4  Med Ball Front Squat x 5     Skill E: