In today’s society it seem there are all kinds of diet crazes.  Good foods, bad foods, low fat, low carb, only raw, etc… A common theme throughout all of these is limitation or less.  While some people definitely need to eat less of some foods to impact their body composition, many of us that Crossfit need to eat more to positively impact our body composition, performance & recovery and general health.


Recently we have been working with a member who ate very few carbs (less than 125) on a daily basis and works out 5-6 days a week. We worked to increase the amount of healthy carbs eaten, added slightly more protein and more calories overall. Over the course of 3 weeks this female athlete:

  • Lost body fat
  • Improved how she felt and recovered
  • Improved strength
  • Her clothing fits better
  • and….gained a few pounds


How is it you ask that they gain pounds but improve everything else?  Low carb diets deplete your muscles of water.  Once you start eating carbs again you hydrate your muscles and weigh slightly more but are more healthy for it.  Eating more carbs is not the answer for everyone.  Sometimes it is eating more vegetables and fruit, others need to stop fearing fat and eat more healthy fats. Many of us need to eat more protein.  Each of us have a different journey, but none of us should be afraid of food.

Written by: John Dunn

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