To the newcomers to CrossFit and Hydro, it might seem intimidating the first few weeks of walking into the “box” but you are already more courageous than you can imagine just for showing up.

While some at Hydro or in the CrossFit community make movements and WODs (workout of the day) look easy, the reality is they are challenging and they take time to grow a sense of comfort and even mastery over, as well as build up a gas tank large enough to be able to complete some of the WODs out there. Don’t give up though, while the WODs and movements won’t necessarily get easier or lighter, you will get stronger, have more endurance, more flexibility, in general. In my opinion, I feel like my quality of life has only gotten better because I feel better, more confident, stronger, and more fit than I ever have. I have only done CrossFit for about a year, I look forward to many more years and the potential that CrossFit may have on my life.

I am thankful for our knowledgeable coaches and supportive community.