“I was lucky enough to be referred to Justin Van Beek by my son-in-law, Brian Kent, a personal trainer in Chicago. Brian wanted me to have a healthier lifestyle and encouraged me to make a change. A year and a half ago I weighed 370 pounds. Today, I weigh 240 pounds because of my hard work and Justin’s creativity and encouragement. He helped me focus on improving my overall health and for me this wasn’t a small task. At the age of 25 I didn’t like working out, which at the time I was playing professional baseball with the Cincinnati Red’s organization. So, naturally I didn’t want to go through the pain and suffering at age 53.”

“Today, I’m proud to say that I’m stronger than when I was in college. With Justin’s guidance, my life has changed 180 degrees and all aspects are better–it’s truly amazing! One of the best things about training with Justin is his attention to detail and form. He always makes sure that I have proper technique, which is very important. Throughout my journey, Justin has been supportive, creative and ensured that I maintain focus. Together we achieved my goal and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get stronger, lose weight and improve their lifestyle. I am proud to train with Justin and have him in my corner.”