As the new year begins many people make resolutions, many of which involve getting fitter, being healthier or losing weight.  Even bigger in the backs of our minds is being better people: better friends, better significant others, better parents, better employees.  The interesting thing is while many people join Crossfit for those basic new year’s resolutions they find it has a much more profound impact on their lives.

Crossfit Hydro is not about quick fixes or shortcut solutions.  We are a community of coaches and athletes (we are all athletes) that work hard to be better everyday.  To help you consider our community and experience this change yourself, we are offering a Holiday Special 3 months for $299.  Click here and select Holiday Special under Services

“Exercise performed in a community, at high intensity makes people better. And I don’t get to be the judge, you can for yourself.”

—Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder and CEO

Written by: John Dunn

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