Peter Soby, husband and father of long time Crossfit Hydro members, has embarked on his own Crossfit Hydro journey and he’s been kind enough to document it for us.  You will get to see the good, bad and funny parts of his journey as he becomes part of our fitness community.  We will continue to update this page as new installments are released.

His intro:

I’m Peter Soby, a husband and father of two. My wife Kerry Soby and my two kids Paige and Trystan began crossfit a long while back at Crossfit Hydro in Omaha. It has done wonderous things for them, made them stronger, brought them friends and boosted self esteem. Me? I avoided it. With my busy schedule I figured all I have time for is running. I run 4 to 5 miles about 5 times a week. I’m 44 years old and being a former high school swimmer at Burke High School and at the University of South Dakota, I figured that is good enough, running. But running was getting boring and a few months ago my fatigue level started to rise and my leg strength seemed to fall off. But also being a video photographer my upper body strength was really falling off. I need to be able to carry equipment to do my craft. So, maybe it was a challenge or maybe my wife, kids and their crossfit community asked me to give crossfit a try. And here I am. i am going to crossfit. But for a twist, I am going to keep a video diary of my experience and encounters with the world of crossfit and share them with you. I have a few other challenges that might make this interesting. My mind set, my health, my age. You will have to follow along and see how this develops for me and for you. Come along. Here we go!

Intro: Before We Start Crossfit

Day One: Learning the Skills

Day Two: Jump, Shrug, Pull

Day Three:

Day Four: On-Ramp Graduation, Look out it is about to get real!

Written by: John Dunn

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