Working One-on-One with a skilled coach can make all the difference!

Our group Crossfit classes are the foundation of Crossfit Hydro.  However, we find many people want and need one on one attention.  We offer 30 minute skill sessions and hour long personal training sessions to both members and non-members.

Personal Training can be where you start

Some trainees prefer one on one personal training from our diverse and experienced team of coaches at our location just steps from Aksarben Village. Are you a runner or cyclist looking for some additional offseason training?  Maybe you want to take advantage of our expert Olympic Lifting coaching to improve your lifts.  Or perhaps you just want to get in shape with a little extra attention to your needs.  Our personal training could be a perfect fit for you.

Or one-on-one coaching can supplement our group classes

Crossfit Hydro members can benefit from personal training as well.  If you are a new member who is struggling with certain movements a 30 minute skill session might be just what you need.  Maybe you’ve been a member for a while and want to get more competitive but certain skills are holding you back working with a coach individually could be perfect.  If you’re work and home schedule is demanding and you can’t find time to get into enough classes but you have specific goals personal training could be a perfect way to attack those areas directly with the help of a knowledge coach.

Crossfit members receive a lower rate and a 10% discount applies when sessions are purchased in groups of 10. Rates vary by coach and session length.  Schedule all sessions directly with your coach.  If you’re new send us a message and we’ll match you with a coach based on your needs and schedule.