Snatch!!   GLUTES/SINGLE LEG: Single Leg RDL x 10ea (Emphasis will be on even movements and trying to balance for all 10 reps) Banded External Rotation in a Deep Squat x 10 (Thicker band) * 2 sets with hip flexor work between sets   POWER/SKILL: 1 SQUAT Snatch every 1:30


Lots of everything today so make sure you come on time and ready!   STRENGTH: 3 rep Back Squat w/ small Green/Blue Band around knees on ALL sets * Work up to your best 3 rep weight for the day in 15 minutes   SUPPLEMENTAL STRENGTH: :40 of Double KB/DB


Skills and Soul Crusher III?   GYMNASTICS: Keep progressing your specific progression for Muscle Ups from the last few weeks… (Progress by adding more time under tension, adding more reps or moving up to a slightly more difficult version)   People who have Muscle Ups: Perform 2-6 UNBROKEN Muscle Ups