Back to some gymnastics strength!   GYMNASTICS: Every 2:00 for 12:00 work back and forth on the following: ODD – 3-4 Strict TEMPO Pull Ups (CTB, Chin or Lower Body Assisted) * Tempo is 1 sec (Pull Up), 3 sec (Hold @ Top) & 5 sec (Lower Back to Lockout)


Little change up on our strength work 🙂   STRENGTH: Using a rack perform the following for max load: 1 Barbell Reverse Lunge (Left Leg) 1 Barbell Reverse Lunge (Right Leg) 2 Barbell Back Squats * Make sure you’re paying attention when spotting since the lunges could get spicy and


Intervals with a little bit of everything…   WORKOUT: Every 5 minutes perform the following: 10 Burpee Muscle Ups (Bar OR Rings) 20 KB Weighted Walking Lunge Steps (53’s/70’s) With the time remaining perform as many Calories on the Rower as possible… REST 5 MINUTES (Partner will go) (Repeat 3