Heavy, fast and some nutrition follow-up!   HIP WORK: Frog Bridges x 30 reps Banded Hip Flexor x 8each (Small blue) * 2 sets *   POWER/SKILL: 2 Rep Hang Snatch (Squat catch preferred, but go by feel) * Go as heavy as perfect technique will allow in just 15


Fran-ish??   SHOULDER INJURY PREVENTION: 10 Slow Band Pull Aparts (Purple/Red) + 10 Slow Band Pull DOWNS (Same band) + 5 Tempo Band OH Squats (Stand on band)(3 secs down, 3 sec hold, 1 sec up) REST :30 (Repeat 1 more time)   POWER/SPEED/SKILL: Work up to 70% 1RM on


Heavy Freestyle Fran+   WORKOUT: Complete the following anyway you like: 45 Reps of Thrusters (103#/155#) (Scale weight UP if you have a good strength/power base) 45 Reps of CTB Pull Ups (Scale down to chin above or banded, if needed) * No cutoff, this one should be heavy *


Time to retest!  You’ve all worked hard these last 4 weeks so believe in your abilites and let natural instincts take over…   STRENGTH/SKILL TEST: Strict Handstand Push Up for MAX Depth followed by a Kipping Handstand Push Up for MAX Depth… * Do whatever warm ups and work sets


New cycle begins with our first new test workout…   STRENGTH TEST: Max DEPTH Strict & Kipping Handstand Push Up OR Negatives… * Steadily work your way down in height and establish TWO numbers… – A Strict HSPU & then a deeper, controlled HSPU negative for max depth OR –