A little change of pace!   STRENGTH: 6 Step Front Rack Barbell Walking Lunge (Must Clean into place each set) * Work up to the best load you can with your front knee in perfect position in 20 minutes   WORKOUT: 5 KB Snatches (Left Arm)(53#/70#) 5 KB Snatches (Right


Kettlebells!   SKILL: 10 minutes KB/DB Snatches up to a heavy load…   WORKOUT: 12 RUSSIAN KB Swings (53#/70#) 6 Alternating KB Snatches (53#/70#) 3 Bar Muscle Ups (Sub: Ring/Bar Dips) * 2:00 AMRAP * REST 2:00 (PARTNER WILL GO)   5 total rounds (20:00 total) for max total reps


Someone new get some Toes 2 Bar today!   SKILL: Toes 2 Bar & Ring/Bar Dips * Use rings and shorten the straps to work rhythm and see if you can get deeper on your ring dips without losing Ring position * Practice some KB Snatches between sets also!