Mixing it up!   WORKOUT: 400/500m Ski Erg (2:00 cap) IMMEDIATELY INTO… 21-15-9 of: DB Front Squats (35-40’s/50-55’s) DB Bent Over Rows (35-40’s/50-55’s) STRICT Ring Dips (Bar Dips/Box) ONCE YOU COMPLETE FINISH WITH… 500m Row (20:00 time cap for all)   Scale reps to 18,15,12 or 15,12,9 for the middle


Gymnastics strength and the ergsssss…   STRENGTH: Every minute on the minute for 12 total minutes (6 sets each) perform the following: ODD MINUTES – 1-2 Strict Weighted Muscle Ups or 2 Strict Weighted CTB Pull Ups or 2 Strict Weighted Chin Above or Bodyweight Only/Holds/Negatives EVEN MINUTES – 2