Go hard today!   STABILITY: 2:00 Med Ball Rollout (All directions) * Take breaks within the 2 mins as needed   POWER/SKILL: 3 Position Hang PAUSE Snatch (High Hang, Above Knee, Below Knee) * Pause 3 secs at each position and make sure to retrace the barbell back through the


Snatch!   POWER/SKILL: 1 Hang Mid-Thigh Snatch (Any catch) + 1 Hang Below Knee Snatch (Any catch) + 1 Snatch from the Floor (Any catch) * Work up steadily as long as you don’t have any of the following errors: 1. Early arm pull 2. Jumping too early (bar contact


Snatch test coming next week!   POWER/SKILL: Every minute on the minute for 8 total minutes perform the following: 1 Power Snatch from the Floor (Work up to 80% and start round 1 there, then proceed to 82%, 85%, 87% and then finally 90-95% for the final 4 sets on


Clean skill continues!   SKILL/POWER: 20 minutes 2-Position Squat Cleans – REP #1 – “Double Scoop” Hang SQUAT Clean (Dip and slide to right above the knee, slide back up to your dip point, while simultaneously shifting your knees under the bar & pulling your torso back behind the barbell)