An old school Crossfit barbell workout…   STRENGTH/POWER: 30:00 total From 0:00-10:00 on the clock after some technical explanation for all three lifts before starting the clock perform the following: Strict Press 5-5-5 (60, 75, 85-90% if you have a 1RM)   FROM 10:00-20:00 ON THE CLOCK… Push Press 3-3-3-3


Another great testing week!   Hundreds of PRs this week!   MOBILITY: 10 minutes Spend some extra time (5-10 minutes) working some of the new shoulder mobility drills we have done this week plus floss and roll out your lower body too…   SKILL: 20 minutes GHD Sit Ups &


This will be a transition week before our next 4 week cycle of workout…   Make sure to really get some good recovery (lots of good food in the right amounts, sleep, water, etc) in this week…   SKILL/POWER: Work up over the course of 12-15 minutes to a challenging,


Let’s get better on the rings and with the barbell!   SKILL: 10 minutes Work on Ring/Bar Dips and Muscle Ups on the rings… Try out some pull ups, but be careful with the hands from all the Toes 2 Bar yesterday…   BARBELL SKILL: 8-10 minutes POWER Snatch Balance