New strength/strength endurance emphasis in coming weeks…

But first let’s see where we are at…

Perform a max rep STRICT pull up test without coming off the pull up bar
(Use a band that allows you to complete 5-10 reps or so before missing)
REST 3-5:00
Perform a SECOND near max rep set trying to get as close to your first number as you can

Try to get your first pull up with no band on the first set if you can then band up the 2nd…


Lots of movement/fatigue crossover on the workout so approach this one carefully…

50 Cal Bike (5:00 cap)
40 Alt. SINGLE DB Step Up (20/24″)(35-40/50-55#)
30 SINGLE DB Squats (35-40/50-55#)
(12:00 cap)

Do you best to keep moving, but do so without missing a step up and without losing good knee, hip and torso positions for squats…

Pick a running course that allows you to complete it in about 4-5:00 then use a DB, bag, etc to load up or knock it all the way down to reverse lunges in place and air squats in place for most reps each if needed with the same 12 minute cap

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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