Lots of general shoulder and single leg hip/leg
Keep working single leg hip flexor and glute stretching x 5-6 spots for 10-15 seconds each spot
Tempo Split Squats x 5ea (3-5 secs down and hold bottom for 3-5 secs)
All 4s Round and Extending x 10 reps
Open Book x 10 quick reps each
Lateral Lunge & Reach x 5ea
Backward Hand Push Ups x 5
Hand Walks x 5
Bear Crawl HSPU x 3

Work HSPU Progressions for 15-20 minutes working to something that’s difficult but doesnt reach failure

1. Start with proper push ups
2. Bear Crawl HSPUs
3. Feet or Knees up on Box HSPU
4. Wall kick ups to negatives
5. Partial HSPUS
6. Full HSPUS
7. Wall Facing HSPUS


40 Single DB Step Ups (30-35/45-50#)(12-20/20-24″ box)(All on weaker side ONLY)
15/20 RING Muscle Ups
40 Single DB Step Ups (Same, but on stronger side to finish)
(15:00 cap with 5:00 caps per section)

Select a pulling movement you can keep ribs down and shoulder tight and controlled…

Scale to CTB as long as you’re not reaching your chest too much to the bar to finish for 20-30 reps, chin above for 20-40 reps or Strict pull ups for 10-30/ring Rows for 30-40 reps…

Hold the DB however you like but you have to do all the reps on one side each set…

Use stairs to step up on and sub in table Rows, door pull ups, DB rows, broom Lat Pulldowns, etc…

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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